“Atos Provides WAP Access for Fimatex E-Trading Service”

Paris, FRANCE - January 20, 2000

Atos, a leading European IT services provider, announced today that it has successfully opened WAP1 access to Fimatex's online securities trading service. The new technology enables mobile phone users to read web pages in WML format on their phone's screen. It has therefore expanded Fimatex's potential market to include all WAP-compatible mobile phone subscribers.

Fimatex, the online trading subsidiary of France's Société Générale bank, has relied on Atos as a technical partner since it first launched an e-trade service. Now, with Atos-enabled WAP technology, mobile phones have been added to its base of interactive access terminals, which include PCs (using GTS2 technology), web devices, Palm Pilots and Minitel videotext terminals. The seamless operation of these Atos-managed services ensures that Fimatex's e-trading customers can tap Fimatex's securities trading platform, using any technology they want.

To open the access, Fimatex's platform was enabled with WML, an HDML-derived language designed specifically to allow a mobile phone's screen to be used as a small, simplified browser. This means that customers can manage their stock portfolios, trade online and get the real-time financial information they need, all from an Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia or any other cell phone that supports the WAP protocol, regardless of the network operator.

Atos processes more than 350,000 online trades a month for Fimatex in Europe.

1 Wireless Access Protocol : gateway for delivering Internet content in Wireless Markup Language (WML) to mobile phones.

2 GTS (Global Trading System), the leading PC-based application for trading on the Paris equities and options markets, was designed, developed and hosted by Atos. The program is also able to manage CAC 40 index futures contracts, in which Atos and Fimatex have gained unique expertise. A German version of GTS is available for the German stock and derivatives markets.

Atos Multimedia

Through its Multimedia Division, Atos develops, integrates and manages home banking, online securities trading, electronic commerce and news services. Its multimedia server center handles more than 40 million connections a month.


Atos, a leading European information technology services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through better use of new technologies. In particular, it is strategically focused on providing value-added solutions in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management. The Group employs 11,000 people in 11 European countries and reported fiscal 1999 revenue of EUR 1,083 million, 33% of which was derived outside France.


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