Strategies to Boost Remote Work Collaboration

Strategies to Boost Remote Work Collaboration


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Are you struggling to provide employees and contractors with the tools to work effectively anywhere, anytime? With close to 50% of the North American workforce operating from home, being able to collaborate effectively – especially from remote locations – is critical to maintaining business continuity and productivity.

This webinar will discuss how Atos’ Intelligent Collaboration Services for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams applications can keep you up and running. We’ll also discuss how organizational change management (OCM) can speed deployment and use among employees. The webcast will be followed by a live Q&A session with our workplace transformation experts.

What else will I learn?

  • How can Office 365 and Teams applications help me?
  • How can intelligent collaboration enable remote employees?
  • Where does OCM fit in?
  • How does effective training create worker confidence and performance?

Duration: 20 minutes + live Q&A

Webinar Replay

Featured Presenters

Diane Peters
Sr. Director, Head of Workplace Transformation, NA, Atos

Diane Peters is an IT industry expert with a strong background in technology consulting, practice management, and product/portfolio development. She is currently focused on technology innovation and best practices that provide digital workplace transformation to enable, enhance, and empower the customer experience.

Jennifer Meinkoth
Sr. Director, Digital Health Solutions, Atos

Jennifer Meinkoth joined Atos Breakaway Adoption Solutions as a Senior Director for Sales and Client Management in 2019 after 25 years in healthcare IT leadership. She has led several large-scale technology implementations and has first-hand understanding of the critical roles that organizational change management and effective learning play in successful adoption of technology.

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