Atos Manufacturing
North American Roadshow 2022

Las Vegas: January 5, 2022

Your Digital Menu for the Smart Manufacturing Roadshow

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Product Innovation

  • Invent next generation products and services
  • Reduce time-to market
  • Build intelligent, smart products for greater sustainability

Smart Factory at Scale

  • Capture industrial data securely
  • Deploy data-driven solutions at scale
  • Enable data continuity across the value chain
  • Improve manufacturing operations
  • Transform to a service-oriented business.

Digital Business Enablement Platform

  • Implement digital over core back-end systems to deploy new use cases
  • Innovate quickly with flexible microservices
  • Increase your level of automation

Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Support your decarbonization strategy
  • Accelerate the Net-Zero journey
  • Unlock innovation
  • Upskill your workforce

Manufacturing Digital Security

Protect your manufacturing environment with end-to-end security and a global team of security specialists

Intelligent Manufacturing Platforms

  • Streamline and modernize manufacturing applications
  • increase production and product efficiency with connectivity, intelligence and automation
  • Collect and analyze data in real-time with cloud and edge

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Las Vegas: January 5, 2022