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American Dream Digitalizes the Guest Experience

American Dream is an unrivaled destination for fantasy, fashion, food, family and fun that provides unparalleled access to amazing experiences for people and their families everywhere. American Dream leverages technology and creativity to entertain, inform and delight our guests across digital and physical spaces, further connecting them with each other, their families, and the brands they love.

“Today we are in an Experience Economy where goods and services are no longer enough; what consumers want are experiences – memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way.”

Jim Gilmore, Distinctive Experiences – Journal of Shopper Resource, Spring 2017

Any Experience You Can Imagine

American Dream is the evolution of brick and mortar into the new digital era.
They are looking to disrupt a model that hasn’t changed much in the last five decades. A goal of American Dream’s transformative solution is to become a channel, creating live-stream opportunities with brands like Aritzia, Primark
and Zara to name a few.

American Dream can partner with tenants to provide data and analytics on shopper preference. For example, they can track the number of shoppers who walk by a storefront during a specific time vs those who did the same at a competitor storefront. This data can be used to provide target push marketing campaigns based on proximity.

“Similar to what we see in digital transformation, those companies that are out in front of the curve in intelligence will thrive and be better positioned to find their next stage of growth, while being on the wrong side of the divide will challenge a retailer’s long-term viability.”

IDC PlanScape, AI Solutions in Retail, 12/20 2019

A Simplified Shopping Experience

American Dream’s digital technology creates a new level of engagement, not as a mall, but as a media brand experience for consumers and retailers alike.

“We are deploying a solution from Atos that utilizes the millions of sensors within American Dream and using artificial intelligence can predict when something will go down. Knowing in advance when a failure will occur allows us to perform repairs during non-business hours and ensures our guests are having a great experience at our attractions.”

Adi Adair, Chief Financial Officer, American Dream

American Dream expects huge crowds, and the company projects that more than 40 million people may visit the complex on an annual basis.

American Dream expects over 40 Million visits per year

Vast area of 3 Million Square Feet to explore

American Dream hosts over 350 Shops, Services and Amenities

Constant monitoring with over 2 Million Beacons, Sensors and Cameras

Digitalizing the Guest Experience with American Dream

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