AI/ML : How to Get Ahead of
the Curve

White Paper by CIO Magazine

Are you AI-ready?

Learn how to get ahead of the AI Curve

According to a new survey sponsored by Google Cloud and Atos, 60% of IT leaders use AI to increase their competitiveness. The survey’s white paper explores the key tasks IT leaders have identified for AI implementation success. Find out how leading IT organizations compared to their peers:

  • Start their AI journeys
  • Plan to use AI at different stages of adoption
  • Proactively plan for AI success

Plus, learn more about proven strategies to start your AI journey, to breakdown adoption and cultural barriers and resolve IT implementation challenges.

We also have an on-demand webcast for a more detailed overview of the survey. The speakers are:

  • Tatianna Flores, Head of AI Lab, Atos North America
  • Philippe Poutonnet, Director Product Marketing – Google Cloud & AI, Google

Submit your details to access both the white paper and the webcast.

Submit your details to access the white paper and the webcast.

Get AI-ready – visit the Atos AI Lab

IT Reference Architecture for Healthcare

Atos and Google Cloud launched a world-class AI Lab in Irving, Texas, to help IT leaders quickly surface, develop and test AI use cases to rapidly build solutions based on Google Cloud AI capabilities and Atos Codex AI Suite.

At our AI Lab, your team can create a minimum viable product targeting your specific needs in a focused 2-day session rather than weeks of prototyping. Learn how you can gain the confidence of your organization with a world-class secure cloud platform supported by a pragmatic application of AI/ML to speed enterprise-wide adoption. Let’s talk about your workshop today!

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Just a moment on AI

With Windy Garrett, VP Cloud Partners, Atos North America

How do you start with enterprise AI? Quickly.

What’s on the horizon for enterprise AI? Data.

Atos AI insights – learn more

The Fast Track to Artificial Intelligence


Codex AI Suite – the fast track to artificial intelligence

AI is set to take up position at the heart of contemporary business technology. It is set to become a clear driver of business differentiation.

Atos Codex AI Suite


Atos Codex AI Suite

Atos Codex AI Suite leverages machine learning and deep learning capabilities to enable artificial intelligence on multiple environments.

Mixing metaphors to build an AI strategy


Mixing metaphors to build an AI strategy

A strategic insight, by Philippe Poutonnet, into four To-Do’s before you work on your AI plans. Part 1. Part 2.

Google Cloud Machine Learning


Google Cloud Machine Learning

Machine learning gives you the capability to look out across all data, connect the dots and see the bigger picture. Enabling your organization to succeed and survive.

Google Cloud Machine Learning


Google Cloud Machine Learning

Google Cloud Machine Learning (ML) provides modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models and a service to generate tailored models.

AI Building Blocks


Building Blocks

The AI building blocks make it possible to build the human-like qualities of sight, language and conversation into applications and services.

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