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Digital transformation is a must in today’s third sector

The pandemic has shifted charity organisations to accelerate their implementation of digital tools and new ways of working in a way that no one predicted a few years ago. Third Sector organisations are recognising the necessity for harnessing a digital-first mindset in order to keep up with changing demands. The shift to digital has begun and it’s here to stay.

With our secured and decarbonised digital solutions, Atos is uniquely placed to support and accelerate your transformation of existing tools and processes to be future-proof and sustainable. This way you can maximise supporter engagement, extract value from your data, establish operational excellence, and provide trust and security.

Supporter Engagement

Build Relationships to Deliver and Fund Change

33% of organisations said raising awareness and upgrading or retaining existing donors is a major challenge and the majority believe these issues will persist or become increasingly more challenging over the next year1

Data Management & Insights

Become a data-driven organisation to find performance boosting insights

47% of organisations say that data siloing and accessibility are the biggest challenges to gaining insight2

Operational Excellence

Power productivity and improve employee experience

58% of charity leaders feel their staff are under increased pressure, working longer hours at more flexible times3

Trust & Security

Be the organisation people trust with their sensitive data

26% of voluntary sector organisations had a cyber-breach or attack in 2020. For larger charities, the number rises to 51%4

[1] Source: Non Profit Trends Report, 4th Edition, 2021
[2] Source: Why is it Still Hard to Get the Customer Journey Right? The State of the Customer Journey in 2019, Arm Treasure Data

[3] Source: NFON UK Censuswide Survey, 2020
[4] Source; Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, DCMS

Where Atos helps the third sector industry

Atos works with third sector organisations to deliver digital transformation in support of their mission.

As part of our consulting-led approach from design to delivery, we start with the user and work together to collaborate across the business into technology and out to customers. We support a lean-agile based transformation; combining our depth of technical expertise with our breadth of experience to unlock value. We bring together business, technology and creative communities to achieve a unified view of ‘what good looks like’ and configure the platforms at pace via your preferred ways of working.

Our mission is to ensure you reach yours.

Helping you to deliver your mission:

Develop deeper, more sophisticated and personalised relationships, improving engagement, with a 360-degree view of your supporter. Power up your teams with data clarity and collaboration

Embedding data into your decision making, interactions and workflows, with managed, real-time and secure data sets enabling self-service, analytics and visualisations to develop deeper insights for a greater impact

Improve your day to day operational performance, removing manual workflow and admin tasks, freeing your resources to develop new digital skills and focus on core tasks. Make the most of your valuable resources and improve employee experience

Be the organisation people trust with their sensitive data, securing data from cyber attacks, ensuring compliance with regulations and ‘doing the right thing’ through data ethics

A spotlight on fundraising; building relationships to deliver change with Salesforce

We understand how important it is for charities to have strong supporter engagement to fund their impact. With a focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) digital strategy, charities can lay the foundations for connecting supporters, service users and employees to support the delivery of their mission. Build more sophisticated and personalised relationships, show your audience how their supporter has made a difference, share volunteer stories, use live information intelligently to target supporters, and much more.

As a Premium Partner, we strive to be the trusted partner and leader in delivering business outcomes and better customer experiences with innovative, secure, and sustainable Salesforce practices.

Do you want to put stakeholder relationships are at the heart, with technology supporting, for a more human centric feel? Do you want to turn one-off donors into life-long supporters? By building relationships, together we can build change.

We have extensive expertise deploying supporter and membership solutions for the third sector plus wider CRM experiences across other industries

Our ‘Simplify’ framework provides a proven methodology for successfully delivering Salesforce projects

We have developed our world-class Salesforce Global Practice through strategic acquisitions to bolster our capabilities and bring customers the full benefits of the world’s first CRM platform

We can help you beyond the CRM migration, utilising our wider capabilities such as Digital Transformation, Journey Design and Change Management

Shared Values

Our purpose is to help design the future of the digital space –to make it safer, more inclusive, more secure and sustainable for everyone, while contributing to the development of scientific and technological excellence. With shared values, our organisations combine to be a powerful force, working collaboratively to deliver successful outcomes.

Client Stories

National Trust

Partnering with the biggest conservation charity in the UK to advance digital customer engagement. Delivering during the pandemic to accelerate internal business process, enhance member & donor experiences, and enrich supporter relationships.


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Client Stories


Helping UCare put its customers at the centre of their digital initiatives as it navigates the changing business landscape in healthcare.


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Client Stories

Society of Sharing

Transforming volunteer operations with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Reducing manual and time-consuming processes, enabling more time to focus on the delivery of their essential services.


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Client Stories

Association for Digital in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (ADIRA)

Setting up the centrepiece of ADIRA's IT ecosystem, its CRM based on Building the 360° vision of ADIRA members, by migrating existing information from different sources and by integrating with other new systems.


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Client Stories

Growing nonprofit health system

An award-winning, rapidly growing nonprofit health system navigates major construction activities, mergers and acquisitions to sustain its trajectory. Its goal is to continually provide new services and value to patients — value that’s only possible through new technologies, from backend systems to smart beds to mobile solutions for providers.


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