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60% of enterprises will be victims of major breaches by 2020. What if you could leverage trust for business advantage?


New digital landscapes are transforming business. But with these new landscapes, come new threats. Analysts estimates that 60% of enterprises will be victims of major breaches by 2020.

What if you could not only protect yourself, but make trust a major asset for your business? As the Trusted Partner for Digital Transformation, Atos is ready to help.

The #1 in Europe and a global leader in cyber security

With a global team of over 4,500 security specialists and a worldwide network of Security Operation Centres (SOCs), Atos offers end-to-end security partnership. We integrate the best security technologies and offer a full portfolio of security solutions – helping you turn risk into business value.

End-to-end security governance

Assess threats before they materialise and leverage sector-specific knowledge for compliance

Advanced digital ID and payment technologies

Making sure users and customers are who they say they are and secure transactions with leading Bull technologies.

Active defence

Detect and neutralise threats with prescriptive security intelligence and forensics.

Innovative IoT and data security solutions

Innovate without limit, and with full confidence

The changing role of IT at the Olympic Games – Case Study

Securing the world’s biggest media event

As worldwide IT partner to the Olympic Games, Atos can accept no compromise when it comes to security. In Rio we neutralised 570 million security event which represents, during Games times, managing 400 events per second.

View our Olympic Games Case Study

View our Digital Vision opinion paper

Digital Vision for Cyber Security 2

Setting the new agenda

As adversaries become smarter, so too must the response by organisations. This paper discusses advances in cyber security and some fundamentals for protecting people and businesses.

View the Digital Vision opinion paper

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