Atos Business Process Services – Our Values

We deliver service excellence by adhering to seven values.

By adhering to our core values, we can be certain that our customers receive the very best service, every time.

Our Values


Getting it right is our responsibility

We hold ourselves accountable at every stage, sharing both information and risk, owning the results from start to finish.

You can rely on what we do and how we do it

We always act with transparency and integrity, demonstrating mutual respect in all relationships.

Add value everywhere we can

We add value and excellence by being agile, flexible and pro-active; doing things better, faster, cheaper and stronger.

Understanding is the basis of long-term relationships

We work with clients to build long-lasting partnerships based on a comprehensive grasp of their businesses.

We seek out the new

Innovation keeps us sharp. Positive. Creative. We seek to improve and meet new challenges with transformational BPS.

We believe in the value of everyone

Our ethos is simple: We put people at the heart of everything we do.

Nothing less than excellence is acceptable

By maintaining the highest standards all the time we satisfy and gain a competitive edge for our clients.

“If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.”

Winston Churchill

Our experts

Chris Darlington

Vice President of Business Process Services Sales

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Ian Ingram

Vice President of Business Process Services in Financial Services

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Contact Chris Darlington, Freephone: 0800 783 3040