Atos Business Process Services – Our Approach

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

We tailor solutions to your exact needs; the results you seek and the markets in which you compete.

Our approach


Our approach to delivering long term transformational change in organisations sets us apart in the market.

Many organisations take the view that there’s no difference between BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and BPS (Business Process Services) and in some of our competitors that’s true. However, such a view can be misleading.

BPO is historically about saving money by implementing a ‘lift and shift’ FTE-based model in order to offshore processes. Atos BPS looks at the situation differently. Atos BPS starts by putting clients and their customers at its heart, and then considers the whole mix of people, processes and technology, and what the business needs to achieve to deliver truly intelligent operations. We adopt an automation-first strategy to service take-on, combining customer experience, transformation, technology ecosystem, analytical insight with a skilled workforce to ensure processes are managed by exception.

Helping you take a fresh look at business transformation

Atos Business Process Services combines intelligent operations and digital technologies with insight and deep customer understanding to make sure you deliver the consistently excellent services your customers expect.

Customer-centric design

Our CX strategy is at the centre of our operations; which ensures that people, processes and customers are at the heart of our services. This enables us to engage with your end customers to envisage, define and create ‘interactions’ that deliver the required experience – across all channels.

Software robots

An automation-first strategy to services, leveraging emerging RPA and cognitive innovations to digitize business processes, eliminate manual activities and drive greater efficiency, responsiveness and productivity.

Skilled workforce

Our on-shore delivery operating model leverages our high performing, award winning UK delivery centres. This enables our skilled, knowledge based resources to more closely collaborate and deliver on end-to-end service improvements for our clients and deliver value adding services.

Technology ecosystem

Our technology heritage means we adopt an integrated approach to our delivery from the outset which encompasses infrastructure, software, process management and people.  Through our SME Harbour Scheme we partner and invest in SME and FinTech suppliers that deliver innovative client solutions.

Our experts

Chris Darlington

Vice President of Business Process Services Sales

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Ian Ingram

Vice President of Business Process Services in Financial Services

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Contact Chris Darlington, Freephone: 0800 783 3040