Retail reimagined: Our thoughts on the future of retail – Opinion Paper


An expert insight into the dynamic digital direction of the retail market

Retail reimagined is a collection of Atos thoughts on the latest trends impacting the world of retail, comprising thought leadership articles from retail industry experts as well as reportage specific to the retail sector

The articles address key areas of concern that are probably troubling you right here and right now and offer up suggestions for solutions. These articles cover: ‘Gaining a more intimate understanding of your customer’; ‘Making your Customer Experience the very best it can be’ and ‘How you can truly embrace and define a winning strategy for the IoT’.

Additionally, we’ve included reportage from our ‘Demanding digital’ consumer research – specific to the retail sector. We surveyed over 3,000 consumers to understand their attitudes towards digital services and what they want these digital services to be and do.

We’ve provided a view on these consumer attitudes for both the traditional bricks and mortar retailer and the new breed of online retailer that will hopefully give some new insight as well as ideas for change in your business.

Retail reimagined: our thoughts on the future of retail – Opinion Paper

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