McDonald’s – Digital Transformation enhances customer journey – Case Study


McDonald’s France digital transformation enhances the customer journey through online ordering and offering tailored promotions to customers

McDonald’s new shopping experience

There are 6.8 billion people on the planet at present. 4.8 billion own mobile phones, whereas only 4.2 billion use a toothbrush.

Mobile is booming and the exponential growth rate of smartphones have changed the way consumers behave and their buying journey. Consumers are demanding new experiences, always connected, they want ultra-personalised and simple interactions with the brand, at the very moment they need it. To support this new way of consuming, McDonald’s France has decided to build with Worldline a unique, customised platform including a wallet to enable them to start the digital transformation.

Now McDonald’s France is able to enhance customer journey, providing customised ordering experience.

Interfaced with the online ordering system, the digital platform orchestrates and stores securely all data. The digital platform exposes essential data to all channels to efficiently meet new customers’ expectations.

Furthermore, the wallet that embeds the consumer digital identity makes the experience seamless, guaranteeing a strong authentication and an opt-in for the next transactions. McDonald’s France enhances the customer journey through its online ordering, and offer tailored promotions to customers on an individual basis. This combination of transactional and digital expertise makes McDonald’s France Digital Platform one of the first online, non-delivery, fast-food ordering services in the world which enables customers to prepare and pre-pay for their orders ahead of time.

McDonald’s – Digital Transformation enhances customer journey – Case Study

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