Digital leadership through “Now Insurance”

Supporting your digital transformation journey by rapidly introducing the agility that connects customers, data, and technology and leads to sustainable success.

Insurance agility through digital transformation


The ability to adapt becomes the foundation of success in insurance. Changing expectations and the demand for personalisation make customer-centricity a prerequisite. This must be the focus of digital transformation in insurance.

Atos enables you to redefine traditional insurance operating models to focus on outstanding customer experience.

Look at where the new value lies – from connected cars to robotic process automation, from real-time analytics and InsureTechs. It’s time to introduce fresh ways of thinking about insurance experience and technology.

As a partner on your digital transformation journey, Atos helps you define effective and sustainable operating models. To help you meet changing customer expectations for business growth by becoming an agile insurer.

Half of all premiums will have a telematics component by 2025

Business model innovation by partnering with InsurTechs

With the emergence of InsurTechs, insurers are facing new competitive pressures. At the same time, InsurTechs face challenges with digital consumers who are more empowered now than ever before, data which is exploding and allowing for new business models to be created, while still needing to cope with expanding cybercrime threats and regulations. Our cloud-based InsurTech propositions, engagement programme and research, offer new ways to meet the industry’s core transformation challenges head-on.

So how are you going to exploit opportunities to survive and thrive in Financial Services? As a leader in integrating FinTech and InsurTech solutions, answering this question is our primary focus. That is why we established the Atos FinTech programme with three clear aims:

Find out about all there is to know about our Programme and how you can benefit from it as an insurer, or as a Insurtech: here

Customer Experience

Today’s connected individuals want their financial services to be not only personalised, seamless, consistent and trusted across all channels; they also expect them to be intelligent, contextual and able to anticipate their needs within their digital financial ecosystem.

Daniel Cohen

Head of Financial Services & Insurance

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