Driving digital healthcare to achieve vital transformation

Atos combines deep knowledge of the healthcare sector with world-leading technology solutions and a continuous drive for healthcare innovation and challenging traditional boundaries.

Digital transformation in healthcare to improve efficiencies and patient care


Health organisations face challenges to deliver high-quality sustainable urgent care and more efficient and effective outpatient care while realising their corporate and fiscal objectives. All this must be achieved with a plethora of legacy technologies that must be modernised and secured to create solid IT foundations to support healthcare innovation and meet growing patient needs and demands.

Atos understands these challenges. We leverage extensive expertise and insights from delivering over 600 complex IT health solutions globally to help form the future of healthcare to digitally transform. As a vendor-agnostic partner, we ensure best fit and value for money, with access to an ecosystem of innovation.

We work in collaboration to deliver solutions that improve decision-making, achieve integrated healthcare, digitally transform clinical engagement and healthcare workflows, and enable innovative preventative care. These pave the way to reduced referral times, cost improvements, higher patient satisfaction and increased security of healthcare organisations and patients.

+120 million patients worldwide are served using healthcare solutions from Atos

Challenges and Solutions

Separation dash

Given today’s intense pressures on healthcare organisations, Atos remains at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. We will work collaboratively to meet your most urgent challenges and priorities through digital transformation.

Patient experience

We enable improvements in patient services and interactions, aiming to create the future of digital healthcare access n order to deliver the best possible patient experiences and outcomes

Operational excellence

We help to improve clinical and business decision-making, increasing operational efficiencies of clinical and business teams, reducing costs, creating integrated healthcare systems and pathways.

Business Transformation

We enable improvements in patient services and interactions, aiming to create the future of digital healthcare access n order to deliver the best possible patient experiences and outcomes

Trust & Compliance

As a world-leading cyber security provider, we enable healthcare organisations to operate with a high level of compliance and trust while protecting patients, staff, systems and data from cyber attacks.

Atos are Future Ready to join the fight against COVID-19

We recognise that healthcare providers are under immense pressure to rapidly respond to the current challenges. Digitally transitioning care delivery securely and with minimal impact to existing resources is key to delivering better patient care now and in the future.

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What we can do

Foundational IT Systems and Services

Unlike many global systems integrators we deliver foundational IT as a service, including managed desktop and service desks

Strategic Infrastructure Transformation

We provide a future proofed infrastructure to accelerate a step change in ICT service provision.

Outpatients Transformation

We bring a deep understanding of transforming outpatients departments to help reduce the number of appointments.

Electronic Health Record Implementation and Adoption

Our solutions enable integrated electronic records and a single patient view.

Digital Business Transformation

We provide consulting services and comprehensive solutions across care pathways and digital workplaces.

Innovation in Life Sciences

We bring innovation in life sciences, with world-leading supercomputing capabilities to advance research and genomics.

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