Patient-centric healthcare

Supporting a sustainable healthcare system through digital technology and transformation

Transforming healthcare and patient outcomes through clinical excellence


Healthcare organisations are under pressure to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Patient expectations from healthcare providers are mirroring that of other industries as a growing need for services ‘on demand’ develops. This, combined with inefficient processes and mounting debt are driving healthcare providers to adopt innovative solutions. Digitisation has been at the heart of many transformed industries and healthcare providers must now act and do the same.

At Atos, we’re working with our healthcare partners to stabilise infrastructure and control costs, whilst laying the foundations for their end-to-end digital transformation journey. We’re also supporting research to drive precision treatments, leading to greater accuracy of clinical outcomes and ultimately, saving lives.

A quarter of the UK population has a long-term medical condition, accounting for 50% of all GP appointments*

* Government Digital Strategy & Digital taskforce, Personalised Health & Care 2020: National Information Board Framework for Action, Watcher Report – Sept 16

Unravelling the mysteries of DNA with Atos supercomputing

Globally, researchers are turning to high performance computing technology as a gateway to understanding the pathways that cause disease. For some, every second closer to discovery can mean the difference between life and death.

Atos supports National Centre of Genomic Analysis through our high performance computing and analysis platforms.  By eliminating the bottlenecks that often occur in data analysis, our high performance computing technology is enabling an ever-increasing capacity for more accurate health discoveries, transforming big data into results.

Challenges and Solutions

Separation dash

Cost savings and stronger data insights are at the core of our proposition within the health market. We’re driven by the need to maintain a sustainable healthcare system which can only be achieved through digital transformation.

Patient experience

We use digital technologies to better coordinate fragmented medical services in order to improve patient satisfaction and eliminate risk.

Operational excellence

We work with providers to help release valuable clinician time and deliver a ‘first time fix’ approach service excellence – with patient safety at the heart.

Business reinvention

With a growing number of patients seeking personalised care plans, we can give open access to the latest technology and provide real time end-to-end solutions.

Efficiency and productivity

We use insight linked to our data analytics platform Codex to generate better clinical outcomes, improving medical decision making.

Atos supports a digital future for University College London Hospitals

Atos partners with University College London Hospitals to cost-effectively realise the Trust’s mission to create a digitally enabled exemplar organisation that provides the highest-quality patient care, education and world-class research.

 “Atos provided a compelling case to deliver foundation ICT services as well as transformational support at UCLH to help us make the most of our systems for patients and staff.”

David Hill, director of digital services, UCLH

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Key services for our healthcare partners

Cloud Solutions

Ensuring a sustained financial future through the realisation of cost savings and sale

Atos codex analytics

Atos Codex

Data analytics driving greater accuracy in patient outcomes

wheel icon

Automation and Robotics

Supporting research to drive precision treatments

Digital Hospital

Digital transformation solutions to resolve the gap between resource and capacity

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