Insurance: The currency of cyber trust

Insurance customers’ attitudes towards cyber security

48% of people say that insurance companies are at high risk of a cyber attack


Whether it’s family and relationship information, financial details or medical records, insurance companies hold some of our most sensitive personal data. There’s a clear responsibility on insurers that this data will be fully protected.

The risk landscape is evolving fast as the insurance industry introduces emergent technologies and new digital channels to increase operational efficiency and improve customer service. It is vital that cyber security is an enabler – not a blocker – to this digital transformation. And, as this research shows, with today’s digitally savvy customers, a transparent approach to cyber security will help to retain public confidence in digital channels and wider trust in an insurer’s brand.

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The currency of cyber trust: insurance in focus

Find out how and why attitudes and behaviours around cyber security are evolving and what this might mean for the insurance industry.

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