Your patients’ attitudes towards cyber security

The currency of cyber trust

Consumer research to help healthcare organisations improve their cyber security

As organisations continue to digitise and citizens expect, and want, more digital access to healthcare, cyber security is on the critical path for any healthcare organisation

Getting ready access to up-to-date patient records, connecting different agencies along pathways of care, delivering more mobile and remote care, and using data to improve clinicial decision-making: every one of these ambitions depends in part on effective cyber security.

Making cyber security integral

From this independent research, it’s clear that people want action, reassurance, innovation and information when it comes to how their data is safeguarded. Cyber security must be integral both to the digital patient experience and to ongoing digital transformation.

The good news is that our respondents are prepared to compromise on aspects of their user experience in exchange for improved cyber security. Our findings also show that the public recognises the importance of using advances in technology to protect their personal medical data.

Comprehensive cyber security strategy

Clearly there are challenges to maintain cyber security within budgetary constraints. That’s why organisations need to assess their cyber risk and develop a proportionate, end-to-end cyber security strategy. But there are also opportunities to use cyber security as an enabler for transforming the delivery of services and to strengthen wider trust in the healthcare ecosystem

Infographic – Your patients’ attitudes towards cyber security

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