Banking: The currency of cyber trust

Banking customers’ attitudes towards cyber security

Only 25% of people say they’d trust an organisation after it was hit by a cyber attack

No sector is more aware of the importance of cyber security than the banking industry. Yet as the market and the broader digital landscape evolve, this research points to opportunities for leveraging cyber security as a differentiator.

For banks, effective cyber security isn’t only about tightening up the technological defences; it is about planning and executing cyber security as an extension of customer engagement. Success depends on implementing a comprehensive, proportionate, end-to-end cyber security strategy that achieves the correct balance between cost and assessment of risk. And there are now real opportunities for banks to innovate in the way they communicate and design customer experiences.

Infographic – Banking: The currency of cyber trust

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The currency of cyber trust: banking in focus

Find out how and why attitudes and behaviours around cyber security are evolving and what this might mean for the banking industry.

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Changing attitudes towards Cyber Security in financial services

Dawn Gabay, Cyber Security Specialist, Atos UK&I, speaks about changing consumer attitudes towards cyber security, what actions financial organisations need to take to improve customer experience and their security, and why this is essential for keeping loyal customers.

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