The currency of cyber trust

Your customers’ attitudes towards cyber security

Customers see cyber security as a differentiator


58% say it is a deciding factor when choosing an organisation or service

The currency of cyber trust

As cyber crime increases, people are more wary of organisations who might fail to protect their data. Cyber trust, it seems, has become a mainstream concern for increasingly discerning citizens. So how can organisations win and retain that trust? To find out, we surveyed over 3,000 citizens who use Britain’s businesses and public services. For any organisation, I believe this report can help improve cyber security, comply with GDPR, enhance customer relationships and realise your digital ambitions. ReadThe currency of cyber trust,

Tom Swanson, Chief Digital Officer, Atos UK & Ireland

Key topics – the currency of cyber trust

Trust in the digital age.

This research shows that cyber security is as much about credibility as technology, so how can organisations win and retain customer trust?

Helping customers to help themselves.

Our findings reveal a mixed picture when it comes to how people protect themselves. That’s why designing the right customer experience is so important.

Understanding the value of cyber trust.

There is now a correlation between trust, customer satisfaction and business success – so how do you use cyber security to get closer to your customers?

Podcast Series – the currency of cyber trust

This podcast series investigates the ways that cyber crime can have a damaging impact on the relationship between organisations and their customers – and discovers the real worth of trust in today’s data-driven society. We speak with hackers, victims, security experts, lawyers, and industry bodies to find out what can be done to combat the threat of cyber crime, and what’s being done already.

All our podcasts are hosted by Rene Millman; Award winning cyber journalist, and also feature Phil Aitchison; Head of Cyber Security and Mission Critical Systems, Atos UK & Ireland

Our podcasts are hosted on the Soundcloud Platform

Podcast - Episode 1: Meet the hackers


Adrien de Beaupre: Ethical hacker and SANS instructor

Podcast - Episode 2: The true cost of a cyber attack


Matthew Holman: Principal at EMW Law

Two cyber crime victims: one an SME business owner and one a victim of credit card crime

Podcast - Episode 3: What to do in the event of an attack


Talal Rajab: Head of Programme – Cyber and National Security, techUK

Podcast - Episode 4: How is the industry responding to the growing threat?


Talal Rajab: Head of Programme – Cyber and National Security, techUK

Download our research report

The currency of cyber trust

Your customers’ attitudes towards cyber security

Report into cyber security in the UK today. Consumer research for organisations on how to improve their cyber security. The report explores personal risk, responsibilities and shaping the right experience for your customers.

Download the currency of cyber trust - Research Report

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