Renewing Great British Enterprise

Productivity and the Digital Society

Atos’ Great British Enterprise series has demonstrated the power of digital technology to enable entrepreneurship and growth in every part the country. Now, as our economy goes through a period of unprecedented disruption, productivity improvements will prove critical in enabling both recovery and renewal. Britain needs to get back to the innovative ways that gave the world methods of mass production and led the world in productivity.

Digital technology provides the means to realise improvements in productivity within a #DigitalSociety, and could lead to a boost to the tune of £34bn a year for British industry. By allowing and encouraging technology to flourish, Britain can get back on the track to growth and unleash the tenacity, talent and trailblazing qualities of entrepreneurs across the land.

Infographic: The Challenges & Opportunities for Great British Enterprise

If the UK can fully realise its digital potential, we can empower our businesses and kickstart a Productivity revolution. Discover the key facts and figures in our infographic

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