Webinar Recording: The Future of Skills

Thursday 8 October – 11:00 BST

Webinar Recording: How to Transform People’s Skills in a Digital Society

Insights from key organisations

What we discussed:

  • Finding stability in our rapidly evolving world and reshaping the skills required to match our fluctuating society
  • The necessity of being future-proof and how businesses should prepare.
  • Organisations’ own skills transformation programmes such as Future Fit for Atos

Guest Speakers

  • Emily McDonnell – Head of Resourcing, Sellafield Limited
  • Nisarg Hirani – General Manager, Sustainable Transformation, Scottish Water
  • Colonel Mark ‘Chopsey’ Cornell, MoD

The discussion was hosted by Damien Shevlin, Senior Vice President Human Resources for UK&I and Northern Europe at Atos.

To navigate our increasingly digital society, it is crucial that we build the skills we need by equipping people with the right tools to thrive and succeed. This means ensuring that we can identify which skills are necessary and understand how best to support people to acquire those skills and be fit for the future.” – Cheryl Allen, HR Director – Transformation, Atos UK&I

View the recording from Thursday 8 October at 11:00 to hear from the leading experts about how organisations are tackling skills transformation within their businesses, and the importance of being future proof.

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