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As the world races towards greater digitisation, accelerated since the global pandemic hit, new and disruptive forms of engaging with technology are becoming commonplace in many parts of our lives – including in our work and careers. Digital skills are now essential in every sector, and the ability for organisations to foster continued learning in the workplace will prove crucial in future-proofing career paths – and ensuring business health and longevity.

The health crisis has accelerated the move toward a digital world of work. Working remotely and serving customers in new and digital ways will significantly transform our work; but this transformation will also require new skills.

The critical skills requirements have shifted and will continue to do so. This is not a new transformation as, even before the crisis, disrupting technologies such as artificial intelligence and new ways of working were already impacting the way we work and the way we will continue to work.

As part of our Digital Society programme, join us on a journey looking at the changing skills landscape over recent years including factors of changing demographics, technological advances, social mobility and much more.

With so much change and advancement, in particular since the start of a global pandemic, what could be next for the skills landscape? To help address this point, we have 5 experts who have kindly contributed to this publication and have shared their own viewpoint.

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Our Experts

Damien Shevlin

Head of Northern Europe Human Resources, Atos

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Cheryl Allen

Head of Culture & Transformation, Northern Europe, Atos

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