The Future of Skills

Driving skills development in a fast changing world

The Future of Skills

As the world races towards greater digitisation, new and disruptive forms of engaging with technology are becoming commonplace in many parts of our lives – including in our work and careers. Digital skills are now essential in every sector, and the ability of organisations to foster continued learning in the workplace will prove crucial in future-proofing career paths – and ensuring business health and longevity.

The Digital Society series will explore how trends in digital adoption are impacting the acquisition of skills, how organisations are responding to change and what the future of skills has in store for businesses and individuals. We will also consider what the COVID-19 outbreak has taught us about the importance of long-term skills development.

Webinar recording: The Changing Skills Landscape

Listen to our exclusive panel event from Monday 29 June 2020 to hear from leading experts on how the skills landscape is fast evolving, what factors are affecting it and what this means in a post COVID-era and in our ever growing digital society.

Listen to our Webinar recording: The Changing Skills Landscape

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