Digital Society: Unleashing Great British Enterprise

A vision for growth and innovation in our local economies

Digital Society

Enterprise and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of the British economy and the British way of life, with our country widely recognised as one of the best places in the world to start and grow a business. The key to further harnessing the power of the British economy is to ensure that entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and small businesses are included within the technological revolution that is happening all around us, and at a rapid pace.

This revolution is giving rise to a new and evolving digital society which has the power to transform and inform, connect and innovate, and to be the driving force behind Britain’s continued prosperity. Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs can act as drivers of both business success and societal change. This report – the first in Atos’ newly launched Digital Society series – offers valuable insights into how technology adoption, allied with the unparalleled drive and creativity of our entrepreneurs, can produce the transformation of a Digital Britain.

Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC

£34 billion


the benefit to the UK economy
by 2030 if full digital potential
is realised

2 million


the number of
actively trading companies
in the UK (FSB)

Digital Society: A Vision for Great British Enterprise

What makes our local economies tick? Which factors make some areas thrive, while in others a huge capacity for enterprise remains unrealised? What role can digital readiness and skills play in unleashing entrepreneurship across the nation?

The third report in the Great British Enterprise series places a magnifying glass over 43 towns and cities to find out what drives entrepreneurial success, how entrepreneurial outcomes vary between areas across the country, and how technology can help plug the gap. As the ways people engage with work continue to change – with the gig economy and portfolio careers becoming ever more prevalent – this new report by think tank WPI Strategy reveals the central role of entrepreneurship in delivering growth and innovation in a truly Digital Society – and the policy tools that can help unlock growth across the nation.

Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC


Our towns and cities are brimming with enterprise potential – and talented entrepreneurs ready to take on the challenge. Watch the Great British Enterprise animation and find out how technology can help.

Key Recommendations

Digitally enable entrepreneurs by recalibrating business support

Create Enterprise Zones that are entirely focused on using digital

Implement Enterprise Accounts

Use the power of big data to help entrepreneurs overcome their local challenges

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