Cyber security for hybrid cloud – White Paper


Protecting your organisation with an integrated security posture

While the benefits of hybrid cloud are clear, there is an important cyber security challenge to protect systems and data within and across multiple cloud environments.

Organisations everywhere are using cloud services to drive a transformation in the way they operate. Many are well underway with their digital journey and investing in hybrid cloud as the best way to optimise their IT.

For hybrid cloud, integrating all security controls into one overall security posture is essential. And as the cyber threat evolves, cyber security must also evolve while acting as an enabler for digital transformation and innovation.

Atos’ approach is to adapt and apply the National Cyber Security Centre’s 10 steps to cyber security to the hybrid cloud environment. We help organisations invest in the right security controls in the right places quickly, while also laying the foundations for prescriptive security and futureproofing IT infrastructures as artificial intelligence technologies advance.

Soon, innovative processing methods, such as edge-based processing and swarm computing will hold the keys to efficient computing. This must be combined with very rapid threat diagnosis and context-aware interpretation so that organisations can monitor, predict and pre-empt cyber threats as they emerge.

Cyber security for hybrid cloud – White Paper

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