Digital Communications

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Digital Communications

What you’ll be doing

Our Business Technologists approach Digital with the thinking, vision, innovation, and agile strategy to drive digital transformations that  always put our clients first. Today’s connected customers expect a personalised, engaging and context driven experience across multiple channels. Digital technologies allow business to engage with their customers in completely different ways and innovation is the key to attracting them. As a Digital Technologist, you’ll be right at the heart of these goals, defining processes that will ensure our customer portfolio is retained and grown.

Why apply?

There are two distinct areas that we’re looking for graduates in. Joining the Customer Centric Design team, you’ll work in our state-of-the-art Design Laboratory, which works collaboratively with clients and partners to develop innovative experiences for our customers. Undertaking research and analysis will allow you to gain insight on current processes, behaviours and experiences; from customers, end users and third parties. Our Communications team is at the cutting edge of digital transformation – working to identify digital technology and solutions to revolutionise customer service. You’ll track the progress of all digital projects impacting customer experience from conception through to delivery. You’ll also work with Engagement Managers to identify technologies and process improvements and Communication Managers to develop communications to encourage customers to use digital services.

Whichever area you join, you’ll support our focus on transforming customer experience, working on projects that will enhance our clients’ reputations as industry leaders in this digital world.

Essential skills

You will need to be as passionate about delivering customer focussed digital solutions to our clients as our team is, and as fascinated by how customers behave and respond. You should aspire to work effectively within a team environment and with direct customer contact or key stakeholder contact. Undaunted by complex problems, we’re looking for creative thinkers with commercial insight. Ideally, you’ll also have some experience in UI design, mobile applications and web design.

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