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University : UCL

Degree : MSCi Physics

Job Title : Business Consultant

My Background

Despite studying Physics at University I knew I wanted move into a role where I could engage with people from all sorts of different backgrounds in a business setting. After looking around and speaking to the careers people, I was pointed towards business consulting.

Consulting presents me with the opportunity to tackle a multitude of business scenarios across a wide variety of sectors, and as Atos is a global company I knew I’d never be short of options to build my career.

When I looked into the company and asked all the questions I could think of, I knew that Atos was the place for me. Atos would give me all the tools, training and opportunities to progress, whilst also trusting me with client-facing responsibilities from day one.

My job summed up

Consulting is all about helping clients achieve their goals, whether that’s helping them harness the potential of technology and data to maximise their decision making capabilities, saving millions of pounds by strategically managing their supply chain or developing new ways to engage with and grow their customer base. My role is to understand these goals and leverage the collective expertise, capabilities and experience of Atos to help our clients realise them.

A day in my life


I normally start my day with a heavy dose of coffee! I then check through internal social media to see what’s new around the business: are there any opportunities that might interest me and have there been any interesting articles to read through? Then it’s on to checking any outstanding emails: making sure I know what tasks I have to get through for the day, noting which ones are high priority and which ones can be held off, and organising who I need to speak to in order to get the work done.


I catch up with members of my project team to collaborate on any outstanding issues regarding project delivery, client satisfaction or any other matters that might be holding us up. This puts us on the same page for the day ahead and enables us to tackle the work together.


After lunch, I join a call with one of the key suppliers to our project. Doing so helps me understand what drivers and blockers they have, as well as giving me a high level overview of their business and industry. We discuss not only how to get exactly what we need on time but how we can innovate together to over-deliver for the client.


At the business end of the day I tackle any of the remaining high priority tasks I highlighted that morning, making sure that I’m on track against my personal project forecast. The last hour is spent on the monthly global Business Performance Improvement call, where we hear how the practice is performing and what global opportunities are on the horizon, and listen to a few case studies from global colleagues on recent successful projects.


I spend the last hour making sure I’ve got through everything I wanted to do, before handling some internal interests, processing any expenses and catching up with colleagues about the initiatives they’re working on and how our solution development is progressing. I then head home after another productive day done!

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