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University : Nottingham University

Degree : Biology

Job Title : HR Advisor

My Background

I originally discovered Atos at a careers fair at the University of Nottingham, where I met a number of current and former graduates. I quickly found that Atos offered a great range of graduate opportunities, providing exposure and responsibility. They stood out from the other employers, as they were open to accepting any degree discipline, which allowed me to pursue my ambition to work in Human Resources. It’s more about the person you are and the drive and determination you have to offer.

The past two years have flown by! If I had to describe my overall experience in three words, I would say unique, diverse and challenging (in a good way!). The Atos graduate scheme was fast-paced with exposure to many different areas of HR. The scheme allowed me to contribute my own innovative ideas, explore new ways of working, and complete projects, which have now been incorporated into the company policies and procedures. And this doesn’t stop after the graduate programme. I have found the graduate scheme to be a great platform for my career at Atos.

My Job summed up

As an HR Graduate, I’ve been rotating into different areas within the HR function. I started in Reward and Recognition, where I worked on UK Pay Review and the Company’s Flexible Benefits Scheme. The next six months was spent with the Emerging Talent team, where I managed to get involved in Graduate, Internship and Apprentice Programme recruitment, acting as the main contact point for all new joiners. Now I’m working in Employee Relations, which involves a lot of manager and employee interaction. Since finishing the 18 month Graduate Programme, I have become an HR advisor, still rotating, but a little less frequently.

A day in my life


I’ll start by organising my mailbox, to determine the key priorities for the day. A large part of my role is providing Managers and employees with advice, support or guidance via a dedicated advice line, so this often takes up a chunk of my morning. I’m often able to help straight away, or if something is more complex, I will take it away as an ongoing case.


My current role involved providing HR support in many formal meetings with Managers and employees. My main role in the meeting is to ensure fair and consistent application of company policy and will involve me discussing and agreeing outcomes with the supporting manager. As many of these meetings can be of a sensitive nature, I will need to have conducted a lot of investigation, which could involve interviewing different parties involved.


Lunch with former and current grads!


We usually have an Employee Relations team conference call, discussing priorities, brainstorming ideas and agreeing next steps of key projects. Excitingly, I just found out I’ve been nominated to get involved with coordinating the European Works Council, our global committee made up of employees, who liaise with the leadership teams about key business priorities and any changes planned. This group meets at least three times a year, at different Atos sites globally, over the course of three days. I’m going to find out what my exact job role is going to be next week, but it will definitely mean I’ll get to travel to Paris and two other locations somewhere in the world!


This time is usually allocated for projects, such as policy reviews or the analysis of business areas to suggest improvements or management interventions.


I’m completing my CIPD as part of the Graduate Programme, so I might need to get working on an assignment that’s due. We get study leave but the odd extra hour always helps… Then, I’ll organise my to-do list for tomorrow, and head out for drinks or dinner or both, with other grads or the HR team.

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