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Digital Workplace

What you’ll be doing:

Atos Digital Workplace is working with strategic and innovative partner solutions to empower our customers to build the workplace of the future and redefine employee experience. It is less about technology and managing devices, and more about helping organisations create a new type of environment – one that is mobile, people-centric and cloud-based with a focus on collaboration and flexibility.

This programme will give you experience across our key focus areas: Desktop Deployment, Assistive Technology, Virtual Workplace Solutions and Modern Management. So you can experience everything Atos Digital Workplace has to offer.

You could find yourself:

  • Deploying and testing new technology
  • Liaising with clients and troubleshooting issues
  • Auditing an existing customer site to see where we can add value
  • Analysing and modelling existing business processes to understand current business procedures and identify areas for improvement
  • Developing your understanding of an organisation’s processes before recommending changes to implement new business solutions
  • Working on small or large projects within the scope of your experience and expertise
  • The possibilities are many and varied. You’ll meet a lot of people, tackle a whole range of challenges, and gain exposure to some of the most cutting-edge technologies out there.

Why apply?

This programme offers a rich variety of experiences. Its rotational nature provides insights into all our areas of expertise, so you can decide where you want to specialise. It’s a great opportunity to see where your talents and interests lie, and you’ll have the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives.

You’ll spend a lot of time visiting clients, where possibilities include:

  • Hands-on deployment and roll-out activities
  • Analysis and design of new solutions
  • Developing solutions to boost employee engagement and productivity
  • Transforming the workplace, making it more accessible and inclusive
  • Delivering and implementing specific infrastructures or technologies, with compliance to commitments and quality objectives
  • Supporting customer engagements from bid to delivery
  • Designing end-to-end solutions including cloud strategy and transformation, costing and migration
  • Using innovation to ensure cost-effective solutions satisfy business requirements

Essential skills

This is an intellectually stimulating opportunity that will help you learn how cutting-edge technology is used in business. A Computer Science or other STEM subject degree, or experience in a related field with exposure to business and technology can be useful, but we’ll provide specialist training and support to help you succeed as you develop your transferrable skills.

Regardless of your qualifications, key strengths we are looking for include:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Proactive and investigative, focusing on the needs of the end-user
  • Empathy and adaptability
  • Problem solver
  • Patient and adaptable
  • Able to win trust and build relationships
  • Excellent communication skills, explaining technical issues clearly to non-technical audiences
  • Passionate about technology
  • Fast learner, motivated to progress

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