Brathay Apprentice Challenge

Brathay Apprentice Challenge

Apprentices are invited to join the Brathay Apprentice Challenge, a national competition run by the Brathay Trust. Teams of apprentices from across the UK take on a range of exciting and interactive work-related challenges to develop new skills by engaging with young people and businesses to promote the benefits of apprenticeships as well as undertaking a Community Challenge. It’s a great opportunity for apprentices to develop their team building, leadership, logistical and communications skills as well as contributing to the local community.

Amie, Project Management Apprentice

‘As part of the Brathay Challenge, our team ran a community project with children at a local Primary School to help build their management and leadership skills, confidence and self-belief for the future. We organised for the children to manage the gardens of a local cemetery, negotiating a partnership between the cemetery and the school, enabling the children to visit once a week to maintain the gardens as well as plant new flowers and plants of their choice.

Taking part in the Brathay challenge was a great way to network with other apprentices as well as the local community. I felt a great sense of joy when I realised the positive impact on the people involved and it was a great journey to see it come to reality, from a simple thought, to actually buying the equipment, liaising with the school and seeing the happy smiles of the children taking part in the project.’

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