Atos UK & Ireland Newsletter

Winter 2019

Atos UK & Ireland Newsletter – Winter 2019


Adrian Gregory, Head of UK & Ireland

2019 looks set to be yet another year where advances in digital technology continue to totally transform our lives and the way in which citizens interact with government.

As you will see below, we have recently published a number of different reports, each of them looking at the challenges and opportunities technology is bringing. The Journey 2022 paper sets out how technological change needs to be balanced by considering its impact on people and society, whilst the latest report produced as part of our Great British Enterprise campaign shows how new platforms can provide opportunities for business start-ups and entrepreneurs across the UK.

Closer to home, we are proud to be listed as one of Business in the Community’s Best Employers for Race, recognising our work to promote inclusion and equality within Atos. In the last year this commitment was further demonstrated by Atos ranking 101st in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, the definitive benchmarking tool used to measure progress on LGBT+ inclusion.

I hope you enjoy reading more about our recent activity and I look forward to keeping you up to date on our work throughout the year.

Adrian Gregory: Atos Global Senior Executive Vice President and CEO UK&I

Atos named as one of the UK’s ‘Best Employers for Race’


Atos is proud to announce that it has been named in the ‘Business in the Community’s Best Employers for Race’ list, which recognises good practice regarding workplace race equality and celebrates the public and private sector organisations who are making a difference in this area.

To be considered for the listing, employers must demonstrate that they are emphasising inclusion within their organisation, with human resource policies and initiatives that positively impact Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) employees, something that Atos have implemented through our Together Network, which promotes race equality.

This listing coincided with two key events hosted by Atos. Firstly, a panel event held at our UK&I headquarters in celebration of Black History Month with guest speakers including Mary Agbesanwa, who appears on the EMpower 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List. We also hosted our first ‘Changing Face of Technology’ event, where we welcomed female university students of different backgrounds and demographics, with the aim of encouraging them to start a career in the technology sector.

Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC and Executive Sponsor of the Together Network said: “Creating and promoting a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is essential. Not only is it the right thing to do, it also makes sense from a business perspective. Building a workplace environment that is all-inclusive ensures that Atos has the best chance of retaining and attracting talent.”

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The Digital Vision for Energy and Utilities is launched


Atos UK&I has published the latest paper in our Digital Vision series, focusing on Energy and Utilities. This new paper features contributions from Atos subject matter experts and industry voices including British Gas, Anglian Water and Sellafield Ltd on the impact of digital transformation across these sectors.

A combination of factors has coalesced to bring disruption, as well as opportunity, to the industry. These include evolving regulatory frameworks and the effects of the energy price cap, the proliferation of intelligent home devices and a surge in nimble, technology-focused ‘disruptors’ entering the market.

Subject matter experts predict that in the near future, householders across the UK will be able track the best utility tariffs in real time, switching energy providers within a day, and possibly within a few seconds, with data analytics able to predict consumption and deliver more responsive services.

The report concludes that those organisations able to respond most effectively to this change while supporting consumers are the ones that are best placed to succeed in the years ahead.

Commenting on the paper, Adrian Gregory, Atos Global Senior Executive Vice President and CEO UK&I said: “We are seeing unprecedented disruption in the UK utilities industry. The water market is opening up, renewable energies are entering the mainstream and gaps in the retail electricity and gas markets are being filled by innovative niche players.

At the same time, regulatory frameworks are evolving. The energy and utilities industry has always been quick to see the potential of new technology and today’s forward-thinking utilities companies can again steal a march. Through digitally enabled transformation, we will see a move from utilities as commodities to high-value service providers at the heart of people’s homes and lives.”

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‘Enterprise Accounts’ to enable Great British enterprise


On 29th January, Atos UK&I launched a new report, The Great British Enterprise Challenge, forming part of the series looking to help the nation fulfil its entrepreneurial potential. The report examines the key challenge of budding entrepreneurs finding it difficult to access information, advice and guidance that would help them start, develop, and grow their business.

These barriers were first identified in our initial report, The Great British Enterprise Opportunity, which called for the development of a digital platform that aggregates and personalises information, advice, and guidance for those looking to start their own business, as well as growing small and micro businesses.

  • This idea was further discussed at a roundtable in Westminster, with representatives from the financial services sector and the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP
  • Our research ultimately led to the development of a new concept, the ‘Enterprise Account’, a one-stop-shop for financing options, mentoring schemes, training opportunities and any other information that can help new and growing British businesses thrive

As the Great British Enterprise campaign continues, we look forward to working more closely with those starting-up or looking to grow their businesses, to explore how the Enterprise Accounts model can give a significant and long-lasting boost to entrepreneurship in the UK.

Adrian Gregory, Atos Global Senior Executive Vice President and CEO UK&I, said: “It is great to see this report progress, particularly with the involvement of government and from industry. Making it easier to set up and grow a business could boost economic growth across the country, increase competition and innovation and create thousands of new jobs. Quite simply, reducing complexity by using digital technology in an effective way could unleash the nation’s entrepreneurial potential.”

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Atos unveils vision for the future of technology in business


Atos unveiled its latest global thought leadership publication Journey 2022 on Tuesday 6th November with a launch event in Glasgow. The paper predicts that by 2022 the world will have experienced a rebalancing in how citizens interact with technology. It anticipates that successful business transformations will become less about pure technology capability and more about achieving an appropriate balance with the impact on people and society.

Atos believes organisations that truly put humans (customers, employees and citizens) at the heart of their digital strategies and who acknowledge and manage the ethics of technology will be the ones that flourish on the journey to 2022 and beyond. According to leading analysts, more than 40% of business leaders see their greatest digital transformation challenge as one of culture and skills.

John Hall, Atos Scientific Community Member and Editor in Chief of Journey 2022 said, “We anticipate exciting and challenging advances in the technology areas we have researched. Enterprises should carefully consider the way that cultural values are reflected in their products and services. As we journey toward 2022, the questions of “Could we?” and “Should we?” must always go hand in hand.”

Ex-offenders supported by Atos’ Antz mentors


In December, Atos volunteers for the Antz Mentor Programme visited HM Prison Forest Bank in Manchester to engage with their mentees.

The Antz Mentor Programme supports ex-offenders and people who have experienced social challenges in their communities within Manchester and London, and we have been a proud partner since 2015. The Programme aligns with Government priorities of rehabilitation, crime prevention and reduction, job creation and mental health.

Our colleagues, who help to drive this initiative, are committed to supporting mentees in their journey towards rehabilitation. This visit was the first time that the Manchester project worked directly within the prison; it inspired highly encouraging feedback, with one young man reporting that, after the meeting with his mentor, he enjoyed a sense of positive self-worth that he had not felt for some time.

Damien Shevlin, Head of Northern Europe Human Resources, Atos and Executive Sponsor for the Programme, said: “This programme is a great example of how we are trying to make a positive difference and I am proud to be personally involved as a mentor”.

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Atos welcomes techUK as they launch their 2019 programme


Atos’ UK & Ireland headquarters recently played host to techUK’s team kick-off for 2019. techUK is a key partner to our business and the leading trade association representing the UK tech industry.

The event brought together around 60 techUK staff members to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities that the UK tech industry is facing. Atos’ relationship with techUK has greatly expanded over recent years, culminating with our membership to seven of techUK’s Councils and Boards (dedicated to Health, Defence, the Internet of Things, Financial Services, Justice & Emergency Services, Smart Cities and Skills & Diversity) and a position on techUK’s main Board.

techUK is also a regular partner in the development of Atos’ Digital Vision opinion papers, and has provided a productive platform for the ongoing exchange of insights and expertise between Atos colleagues and stakeholders across industry and government.

By working together, we can better communicate to government and citizens the positive impact which advances in digital technology can have in the years to come, and how this can be encouraged.

Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC and techUK board member, said: “We were pleased to host techUK for the first time within our Atos MidCity Place office, and are proud to work closely with them to ensure the UK tech industry speaks together to promote the transformative power of technology and innovation in business and society. We look forward to collaborating with techUK over the course of the 2019 and specifically taking an active part in an industry-wide conversation focused on the importance of an ethical approach to business as powerful technologies, such as AI and automation, become increasingly accessible.”

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