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Atos Parliamentary Newsletter

Summer 2021

Atos Parliamentary Newsletter – Summer 2021

Counting down to COP26

The final lifting of restrictions in England this week marks the cautious start of a new chapter after what has been a challenging period for many due to the pandemic. I am also sure we can all appreciate the headwinds businesses have faced over the past year across the economy – and we look forward to more certain times ahead. As Parliament rises for the summer break, I wanted to update you on some of our key activities and to thank you for all your ongoing work on behalf of your constituents.

For many reasons, when Parliament returns in September the agenda is likely to be amongst the busiest ever – not least as the UK builds up in earnest to its biggest international moment of the year with Glasgow hosting the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

As a number one ranked Dow Jones Sustainability Index business and with an ambition for reaching net zero by 2028, Atos is at the forefront of the industry push towards decarbonization. Our recently released paper, Digital Vision: COP26, contains thought leadership from Atos experts, our customers and the wider business community on the steps we can take together to accelerate the drive towards net zero.

In this edition of our parliamentary newsletter we focus in on the highlights from our Digital Vision paper:

    • With COP26 set to dominate the political agenda this autumn, we get you one step ahead of the game with our conference overview and decarbonization in numbers infographic
    • Pioneering work is taking place in the IT sector when it comes to decarbonization and green tech. Our explainer gives you the 10 key facts you need to know
    • Atos leaders have been telling our Digital Vision: COP26 story across Westminster in recent weeks – we’ve rounded this coverage up

Elsewhere in this edition we feature:

    • A look ahead to Atos’ partnership with Tokyo 2020, as the world celebrates the start of the Olympic Games
    • The latest episodes in our popular Digital Society Podcast, most recently with former Cabinet Minister Baroness Nicky Morgan
    • Our work with government and trade associations in helping to develop public policy

In our round-up of news from across Atos we feature our celebration of Pride Month, our recent contract with DreamQuark delivering socially responsible investment, the exciting pan-European AI4 Cities initiative and recognition from the Financial Times for our decarbonization work.

As we look forward to the summer Atos’ priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our people and the continued support of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

Digital Vision: COP26

Atos releases latest opinion paper: Digital Vision: COP26

How we tackle climate change and deliver a decarbonized economy are amongst the foremost public policy challenges of our times. With the release of Digital Vision: COP26 we bring together expert views from within Atos and from across the worlds of business and politics on the collective action needed to drive the change we all want to see. Highlights from our paper include:

    • A view from techUK CEO, Julian David, on how digital is powering progress toward net zero
    • Atos’ expert take on the role data plays in achieving decarbonization
    • The work NS&I is doing to meet its sustainability targets
    • And the CBI’s view on why climate action makes commercial sense


Elie Girard, CEO Atos, “While significant progress towards cutting emissions has been made, the pace of this change is far behind what is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change becoming a reality. Ahead of the COP26 Summit later this year– the most important milestone in the global fight against climate change since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement – Atos has dedicated its latest Digital Vision paper to examining the critical role digital can play in making net zero a reality. This report shines a light on how digital solutions will be one of the most powerful tools to achieving a decarbonized future.”

Read our overview and infographic

COP26 is set to dominate the political agenda for the rest of this year, as Glasgow gears up to host the biggest global event the UK has staged since the 2012 London Olympic Games. But what exactly is the ‘Conference of Parties’, ‘Pre-COP’, or the process of agreeing policy?

Atos’ COP26 overview gives you a bitesize run-down of all the key details you will need ahead of the conference this November – read the overview here

As one of the most urgent priorities for Governments around the world, decarbonization will dominate discussion at COP26. The Earth is now 1.1 degrees warmer than before the industrial revolution and the global rate of decarbonization to meet the goal of net zero by 2050 must be 5 times higher than the 2.4% it is currently at.

You will find these and other essential stats about the scale of the global challenge (and the response) in our Global decarbonization by numbers infographic,

10 ways in which IT is helping decarbonization

As a provider of both digital services and IT, Atos is in a unique position to not only green our own business but also to assist the decarbonization ambitions of our clients and partners.

IT will have a crucial role in delivering net zero across society – we have broken down 10 examples of where it will have its impact:

Digitally enabled energy efficiency measures can unlock great savings both in energy and in costs for businesses, whilst accelerating their progress toward achieving net zero.

Remote working technology can reduce the need for travel, significantly cutting carbon emissions generated through business related travel.

Quantum computing and calculation can be used to identify new materials and molecules that will accelerate society’s journey to carbon neutrality.

Distributed Generation (DG) technology means that electricity can be generated from renewable energy sources near the point of use, instead of from centralised power stations.

Access to ‘big data’ can enable business leaders across all sectors to significantly reduce their carbon emissions as well as improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

Operating in a digital economy enables organisations to free themselves from carbon-intensive practices and operate more sustainably.

Digital Twin technology provides organisations with a live, evolving digital model of a physical asset, enabling more effective planning and less carbon intensive use of these assets.

Data analytics, the Internet of Things and Blockchain are helping organisations monitor and tackle emissions across their supply chain, which have traditionally been outside their control.

Life Cycle Assessments using advanced data analytics provide a way for large businesses to measure their full organisational carbon footprint.

Digital tools enable organizations to set robust Science-based targets (SBTs) for emissions reduction validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).

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CogX Festival and BSA Net Zero Summit

Atos’s SVP Strategy and Communications UK&I and Northern Europe Lead for COP26, Kulveer Ranger, joined the CogX Festival to discuss the role of edge computing in supporting decarbonization. This year’s Festival provided an opportunity to discuss how technology can solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, including the transition to Net Zero.

Building on this discussion, Kulveer also spoke at the Business Services Association’s Net Zero summit, speaking alongside Andrew Griffith MP, the UK’s Net Zero Business Champion. The discussion focused on the challenge facing all businesses on the road to net zero. Kulveer spoke in detail about how data will be key in supporting digital decarbonization assessments and how having the correct datasets will be essential to accelerate towards net zero.

Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC and Northern Europe Lead for COP 26 said: “This year is the year of COP26, which brings the world together in the midst of a global pandemic, but with the world still focused on ensuring that generations to come will be healthy and live sustainably. That ambition demands net zero is achieved faster, and business will play a key role in this. Sharing our knowledge at the CogX Festival and the BSA’s Net Zero summit allow us to open up the debate and underline some of the ways Atos can help in this challenge.”

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Countdown to Tokyo 2020: The ultimate global sporting celebration is here!

This week, the eyes of the world will be on Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Atos has contributed to the Olympic Movement for around 30 years, providing digital transformation and IT solutions. As lead technology integrator we ensure the Olympic and Paralympic Games run smoothly, securely and are fully digitally enabled. We will continue our partnership to further digitalize the Olympic Games for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paris 2024.

Atos is currently supporting the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 by:

    • Providing core Olympic systems such as the management of accreditations.
    • Running applications that include athlete entries for events, the online volunteer portal, the competition schedule, workforce management, and the voting application for the IOC Athletes’ Commission.
    • Delivering all official results to the Games-time web and app
    • Providing the media with biographies of athletes and other types of background information.

Michele Hyron, Chief Integrator Tokyo 2020, Atos: “Tokyo 2020 will be the most connected Olympic Games in history. As a trusted partner of the IOC, we allow all the Olympic family to enjoy the Games anywhere in the world. The Olympic DNA runs through our veins: as a team, we constantly adapt our operations to complete the necessary testing to ensure a safe and secure Olympic Games.”

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Digital Society Podcast: Latest Episodes

The Atos Digital Society Podcast covers the latest thinking on the change that technology is having on people, in business and across society more broadly.

To listen to future episodes or learn how you can join the conversation, visit the Atos Digital Society Podcast website or share your thoughts or suggestions by contacting us at digitalsociety@atos.net.

So far, Kulveer Ranger has been joined by guests including Demos CEO Polly Mackenzie, GB News Political Editor Darren McCaffrey and Baroness Nicky Morgan. The podcast has been highlighted in both The Sunday Times and The Sun on Sunday.

Episode Seven with Elie Girard: Kulveer is joined by Atos CEO, Elie Girard to discuss how business is responding to the decarbonization challenge, Atos’ own market-leading credentials in the space and the essential role that technology will play in enabling net zero.

Episode Six with Baroness Nicky Morgan: Kulveer and former Secretary of State Baroness Morgan discuss how the Government’s approach to digital has changed, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on policy making and how policy makers can better equip individuals to succeed in an increasingly digital economy.

Episode Five with Darren McCaffrey: The GB News Political Editor speaks about his experience with technology in broadcasting, as well as how digital technology can reach an audience which increasingly get their news and views online.

Episode Four with Polly Mackenzie: Polly and Kulveer delve into how lockdown has forced many of us to re-evaluate our relationship with tech, before exploring the debate around the government’s Digital Strategy

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Atos working with public and private sector partners to help policy development

As a UK Government Strategic Supplier Atos plays a full part not only in the fulfilment of contracts that ensure the smooth delivery of critical national infrastructure but also in the development of policy that allows public service delivery to continue to improve and provide for the best results for both government and citizens.

    • As members of the Cabinet Office’s Industry Forum, we have worked with officials and other Strategic Suppliers to: develop updated versions of the Outsourcing Playbook and the upcoming Data and Digital Playbook; combat Modern Slavery through inputting into the creation of the Modern Slavery Statement; enhance the social value that suppliers are delivering via government contracts; and ensure the procurement process works as smoothly and efficiently as possible through the development and implementation of the Prompt Payment Code.
    • Through our trade association memberships we are bringing our insights and expertise to a range of policy challenges, working with techUK to identify new digital solutions in public procurement, collaborating with the BSA to highlight the vital role of data in driving the transition to net zero and informing the work of the CBI’s Public Sector Partners Council.

Kulveer Ranger, SVP, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Comms & Public Affairs, Northern Europe & APAC: “As a member of the CBI’s Public Sector Partners Council and a board member of techUK, and with numerous Atos colleagues also participating in a wide range of committees in these and other trade organisations, we are committed to working in collaboration and adding value as a key industry voice. The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the fact that effective collaboration is crucial to finding solutions to the biggest challenges our society faces. We are therefore looking forward to continuing to work in an open and collaborative manner with government, other suppliers and our trade associations in the months and years ahead.”

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Atos Bytes

Atos celebrates Pride Month

We were delighted to join with colleagues globally to mark Pride Month throughout June. Our events and activities included a watch party, a book club, content on the History of Drag and LGBTQ+ & Disabilities (Neurodivergency) and much more!

Atos and DreamQuark advance responsible finance with transparent artificial intelligence

Atos and DreamQuark, a French start-up specializing in artificial intelligence technologies for the finance and insurance sectors, commit to developing socially responsible investment (SRI) through artificial intelligence. The two companies announced the launch of the Sustainable Investment Brain, the first digital platform for banks and insurers that is dedicated to SRI and compliant with the principles of transparent artificial intelligence as set out in the proposed European regulation.

Atos joins AI4Cities to accelerate carbon neutrality

Atos has joined AI4Cities, a three-year EU-funded project which aims to help six European cities and regions accelerate their transition towards carbon neutrality. The artificial intelligence solutions will ultimately contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the areas of mobility and energy, two domains responsible for 82% of all greenhouse gas emissions in European cities.

Financial Times identifies Atos as a European Climate Leader

Our decarbonization aims have recently been highlighted by the Financial Times in their Special Report on ‘Europe’s Climate Leaders 2021‘. Atos is recognized as one of 300 companies that has achieved the greatest reduction in greenhouse emissions intensity between 2014 and 2019.

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Contact: Andrew Bell, Senior Public Affairs Manager, Freephone: 0800 783 3040