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Atos has an established presence and strong commitment to working in partnership with public and private sector organisations in Ireland to deliver their ambitions. We provide cost-effective solutions that facilitate digital transformation and utilise big data & security to achieve business goals.

Our team of 120 business technologists in Ireland provides and supports digital services for the Irish economy. Through sustainable design, build and operations, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers and our customers’ customers.

Our business is built on our ability to work in partnership. We support customers across a number of key markets including Government, Healthcare, Transport, Financial Services, Media, Manufacturing and Enterprise.

100000 atos employees

Atos supports around 100,000 visa applications a year for Irish Embassies worldwide via the Atos Visa system.

Digital services to support public and private sectors

We deliver digital services across the public and private sectors in Ireland. We measure our success in terms of how we help our customers to achieve their key priorities and objectives in areas such as growth, cost reduction, better customer services or faster response times.

Furthering global initiatives from Ireland

We further Siemens AG’s global initiative for improved IT infrastructure through a global partnership. Atos provides the entire IT infrastructure for Siemens, consolidating a heterogeneous IT Service landscape, aligning IT Infrastructure Services with market standards, implementing standardised IT Infrastructure Services and supporting Siemens’ ambition to reduce overall IT infrastructure costs. The partnership also enables standardised global reporting and services, and reduces complexity in service management. Within Ireland we support the partnership both globally and locally. Globally, our service desk delivers remote support to multiple countries for Siemens; whilst locally we deliver on-site, mobile voice, network and fixed voice services, infrastructure support and a variety of corporate IT services to Siemens’ users in Ireland.

We provide similar services for a number of other global brands present in the Irish market in Manufacturing, Pharma and Financial Services sectors.

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General Manager Ireland

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