Analytics Driven Organisations – White Paper


This White Paper discusses the value to an organisation of being analytics driven and explores areas for development through analytical insight.

analytics drive organisations

Our data analytics spectrum sets out how data analytics can be used to bring value to organisations when applied in 4 domains – Business reinvention, Operational excellence, Customer experience and Trust and compliance. These are the pressure points where an organisation can be truly transformed and our 12 Use Cases provide evidence of this.

Successfully addressing 9 common analytic challenges, such as attaining the right Leadership, the right Strategy, Vision and Business Targets, as well as the right Culture, will determine if your organisation will be able to truly experience the power of being data led.

It is imperative for an organisation to understand where they are in their journey to being truly analytics driven, and our analytical maturity model will give you this insight. The model identifies the characteristics of a Data-Starter organisation, and identifies the changes required to become Wisdom-Leading.

To survive in future competitive environments organisations will need to be truly analytics driven; Atos can help you wake up to the power of being data led. Learn more in the full publication – download it now, via the right-hand side of this page

Analytics Driven Organisations – White Paper

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