Make video appointments a reality in under two weeks

Webinar:  Make video appointments a reality in under two weeks


Given the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing a remote consultation app securely and at scale is mission-critical. Under a national NHS England agreement, your Trust is licensed to use Attend Anywhere, the video consultation software, at no charge. As well as giving you a guided demo of Attend Anywhere, this webinar will bring you the inside track on how to make sure it’s deployed correctly for your setting – and get it implemented in under two weeks.

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Featured Speakers:

Tony Rich
Head of Propositions and Vertical Solutions

Tony Rich is Head of Vertical Solutions at Atos Unified Communications and Collaboration. Tony has been designing & delivering critical communication and collaboration based solutions globally for over 10 years. He has previously held positions within the industry including director and senior management roles in healthcare and emergency service provision across the globe.

Andy Bishop
Head of Health Consulting

Andy Bishop leads Atos’s UK Health & Life Sciences Consultancy Practice. He has over 25 years experience of providing wide-ranging business and technology consulting services to clients across the health and care sector, as well as to clients in the wider UK public sector.

Attend Anywhere – Make video appointments a reality in under two weeks

Right now, restricting patient travel and keeping people safe remotely while stretching precious clinical resources has never been more important. Under a national NHS England agreement, every Trust is licensed to deploy Attend Anywhere, the video consultation software designed by clinicians for clinicians and their patients.

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Telehealth: Delivering high quality care at a distance

The COVID-19 crisis has put a spotlight on the need for healthcare delivery to evolve to face new challenges. The telehealth solution from Atos can provide the answer.

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Are you Future Ready in the fight against COVID-19?

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“Thank you to the Atos team for their efforts in supporting the Trust to launch this virtual clinic so quickly…to ensure high standards of patient care are maintained during such unprecedented times.”

CTO of a Hospital Trust