Multi-Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT)

Connecting emergency services with fast, secure messaging to improve life-saving outcomes

With this unique data-sharing service, emergency service providers can work together more easily, effectively and efficiently.

When information has to be relayed to multiple agencies in an emergency, secure communication can be challenging and problems with integration can cause operational inefficiencies. That’s why the ease and speed of MAIT can make such a vital difference.

MAIT is a highly resilient service for all emergency service providers. It facilitates the fast exchange of secure messages and incident notifications between agency control rooms. With MAIT, you can log incidents using your existing command and control software and exchange data and messages about them in an instant.

Why connect with MAIT?


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MAIT optimises resource deployment, giving control room staff confidence that information will be shared quickly and accurately, so they can focus on the caller. Benefits include easier collaboration with other agencies, faster data-sharing, and peace of mind that MAIT is proven and secure. What’s more, pricing is flexible, transparent and cost-effective. Contact our Emergency Services Team to find out how you can start using MAIT.

Highly resilient and secure

High availability delivered over secure connections with suitable encryption. MAIT conforms British APCO approved XML schema standards and is offered as a resilient Microsoft Azure based cloud service, hosted in the UK.

Quick and accurate data sharing

What used to take seconds and minutes can be done instantly, with the certainty that data has been shared accurately and confidentially with all relevant agencies.

A proven platform

As part of an end-to-end value chain of services and capabilities, MAIT is underpinned by our service desk and service support team who can log and react to incidents and changes as required within defined key performance indicators.

Multi-Agency Incident Transfer

The power to share

How many of your incidents require a multi-agency response? With MAIT, emergency service providers can work together more easily, effectively and efficiently. Find out more in our solution overview.

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