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IT challenges today

Delivering the applications that business users are demanding

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Integrate new applications with back-end systems

Industry 4.0 exploration

Users expects it to be accessible via any device

Pressure on the Time-to-Market

Continuously changing business demands


Application development by Atos: fast, agile & fully integrated with your back-end

Low-code application development has grown to a standard for tackling the challenges encountered by application development. Low-code platforms nowadays deliver robust and secure applications, with flawless integration with your backend systems. They have shifted the needle in the make or buy evaluation, in favor of specific tailormade applications. Applications, that thanks to its high user-adoption make you successful in your digital journey.

With an incredible speed these low-code platforms deliver new applications at much lower cost, while preserving the necessary scalability, necessary for enterprise-grade applications.

As these applications are easily deployed to many platforms and devices like IOS and Android devices, it kills the hassle of maintaining different skilled teams and application versions.

With the use of low-code platforms we can develop applications rapidly and with minimal hard-coding. Combined with integration and connection of back-end systems and cloud services, this can be your gateway to rapid Digital Transformation. We collaborate with Outsystems to develop, maintain and update your business applications.


Atos has engaged in a strategic partnership with the OutSystems.

OutSystems is the number one low-code platform for building enterprise-grade apps at lightning speed.

Atos is one of the few Global partners of OutSystems. Atos combines its industry and business expertise with its technological knowledge of the OutSystems platform. We are operating one of the biggest developer teams in OutSystems, with specific units for UI/UX, Architecture, Testing, Platform operations and 24/7 support.

Unbeatable speed

Visually develop your full-stack apps incredibly fast and deploy with one click

Integration with everything

Easily connect your apps to any system (yes, any!)

Great UX by default

Deliver beautiful native mobile experiences and responsive web apps with ease

Low-code without constraints

Extend apps with your own front-end or back-end code – no lock-in

NG cloud

Built-in security

Ensure your apps are safe all the way from design to deployment with the latest security features

Massive scalability

Your apps will perform great regardless of number of users, complexity, or data volume

Unbreakable deployment

Error-free deployment of your apps across cloud and on-premises environments

Metrics That matter

Real-time performance dashboards to ensure an awesome user experience

Ideas put into practice

Helping an Enterprise-Grade Naval Asset Management System Get Into Shipshape

Re-build of a mission-critical system for battleships

The challenge

  • Asset Management & Planning System (AMPS) users were looking for easier, more efficient ways to process transactions so that they could free up more of their time to perform other valueadded work. They also wanted a better user experience.
  • Meanwhile, Atos wanted to make building and testing the new platform a faster, easier and more client engaging process.

The solution

  • With the OutSystems low-code platform, we have achieved just that. We have automated a majority of our testing, which has saved significant amounts of regression testing time.
  • Plus, using OutSystems has allowed us to build an enhanced user experience into the product as well as deliver the solution on any device.

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Customer experience

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OutSystems Sales Manager Belgium +32(0)499 96 37 00

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