Humans of Atos: the young professional edition

Whichever way you look at it, a career at Atos is filled with possibilities. One angle we thought you’d find particularly useful, was to see life through the eyes of people who live it every day. Our people, and more in particular our young professionals. Here are some of their personal takes on Atos.

Laura, Sales and Client manager

When I joined Atos two and a half years ago, I had no experience in IT. Thanks to the continuous support of my colleagues I was able to quickly learn and acquire the skills essential for my first sales job in IT. I have recently been promoted and moved into another sales function which offers me new challenges and more responsibilities. I’m thankful for the career opportunities Atos offers and haven’t regretted joining Atos for a single minute.


Dieter, Software Engineer

When I graduated I was uncertain about what I wanted to do, because within the IT-world there are multiple domains and functions. Atos gave me the opportunity to work on different projects in a variety of roles, thus helping me to discover my true potential.


Sacha, Marketing & Communications Manager

When I graduated, all I knew was that I wanted to have a challenging and varied job in an international business environment. And working at Atos is more than I could ever dream of. As of day one, I got involved in a lot of exciting projects and I immediately got accepted in the Atos community. All the colleagues are really welcoming and, apart from working together, we also have a lot of fun. I highly appreciate the responsibility and trust, since it is not self-evident for someone as junior as me. The support of my managers allows me to grow in my role every day. Their recognition gives me the confidence that I can make a difference.


Raf, Security Consultant

I’ve been working at Atos for two and a half years, starting out as a young graduate who didn’t really know what to expect from a career in IT. Atos quickly provided me with exciting opportunities in the field of IT security. Over the past years, I’ve worked on many challenging security projects worldwide and I’ve gradually gained more responsibility which enabled me to grow very fast.


Thomas, Service Delivery Manager

Two and a half years ago, when I joined Atos, I had the chance to start as a Service Delivery Manager. Working with several customers within different industries gave me the opportunity to quickly learn the hard and soft skills necessary for this role. Of course, I also received training courses to help me with this. Growing into my role, new challenges have been offered to me, meaning that I can work on more and bigger contracts. I’m thankful for the challenges and opportunities that Atos has provided and I’m glad to be part of this growing company.


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