Atos demonstrates the future of shopping in Home of Retail – anyVille in Antwerp

Atos is proud to announce a partnership with Home of Retail – anyVille. In this unique and thrilling knowledge and experience center, retailers can experience the store of tomorrow. Simulating a customer journey – from the home, through the shop, to the collection point – Atos shows retailers what shopping will look like in the future.

The retail sector is constantly evolving and retailers around the world are under a lot of pressure. To stand out and add value, companies are moving from merely selling products to service-centered business models. Exactly what Atos showcases in Home of Retail – anyVille.

Home of Retail – anyVille looks like a huge store, but is actually an interactive knowledge and experience center. In this 1,200m² brick-and-mortar environment, partners of retailers like manufacturers, banks, suppliers and service providers, like Atos, share their expertise and guide retailers through a customer journey. Retailers can experience the newest technologies and get tangible insights into today’s and tomorrow’s solutions and trends. Seeing robots and body scanners in action and encountering concepts like virtual reality, they get a real feel of the future of shopping.

Using a set of digital solutions, Atos takes the retailers through a unique customer journey tour, starting at the customer’s home. Atos shows for example how a retailer’s mobile app customizes the weekly supermarket folder to the customers’ profile. This way they get personalized products and offers in Augmented Reality.

Atos also demonstrates how customers, from the comfort of their own home, visit the different departments of their favorite store using Virtual Reality and order the desired items for pick-up or delivery. When they are on the go, waiting for the bus, they may scan recipes and order the ingredients immediately via the app.

Another innovation Atos shows at anyVille: at the entrance of the supermarket customers use a touch screen to order their heavy items, which they then pick up after they’re done shopping. And forget pushy shop assistants, loyal customers use an app to get assistance and the assistant immediately gets a complete overview of their profile, history and current basket.

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