Future proof in Higher Education: Digital Maturity Assessment for Universities

Atos is future proof to help you develop a deeper understanding of your university’s digital maturity

Universities are facing complex and unprecedented trials. The unexpected challenges of Covid-19 come as an addition to the pressures of students and staff demanding more from technology, possible funding gaps, increased competition to attract students, and recent cyber-attacks on UK institutions. It is clear that universities need to prepare for the challenges ahead by making sure they’re on the right path when it comes to digital transformation.

Atos‘ Digital Maturity Assessment will help you understand the gap between where you are and where you have aspirations to be, identifying priorities and key focus areas, and support you as you prepare for the future.

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Webinar: Digital Maturity Assessment for Universities

We invite you to watch a replay of our Digital Maturity Assessment for Universities webinar:

  • This webinar features guest speaker Alan Hill, Chief Digital and Information Officer of University of Exeter discussing the benefits gained from implementing digital technologies, resulting in a heightened student experience through digital campuses. Alan also shares his insights on digitalisation across higher education.
  • Then Tom Swanson, Atos Chief Digital Officer, offers insights on our Digital Maturity Assessment and how Atos can partner with you on your digital journey.
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‘Faced with an urgent need to transform the IT department to meet the needs of this ambitious and growing University, Atos were able to use their extensive industry experience to speed up this phase of the transformation. Against challenging timelines the output has very much set us up for the next stage, which is to move to a new IT Operating Model.‘
Alan Hill, University of Exeter, Chief Information and Digital Officer

Delivering your university’s digital ambitions

Read about the challenges of digital transformation and key factors for success in delivering a new digital agenda within Higher Education, as discussed during our Digital Maturity Assessment event, on 28 April 2020.

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Digital Discovery Engagement

Universities have complex digital ecosystems with an array of processes and systems. We conduct Digital Discovery Engagements across areas in order to better understand your landscape, your current ‘as-is’ position and what could be in your digital roadmap of the future.

Digital Maturity Assessment

A self-assessment of your digital maturity across 4 dimensions (strategy, culture, organisation, capability) and 18 criteria with a plan of action and an executive briefing to explain the results and talk through the plan.

Digital Eco-system

We will document a number of your core user journeys to identify how people conduct a number of tasks and how the technology underpins the facilitation of these processes e.g. For students submitting their coursework. We would look at the student experience and the systems that facilitated the task. Through this we aim to build a view of your technology landscape. We will conduct a number of in-depth interviews with your stakeholders.

Digital Roadmap

Once we have document your ‘as-is’ landscape we’ll identify what the digital vision could be. How we could enhance the user journey through the implementation of digital solutions and strategies to suggest the main points identified in the user journey. A one page document will provide details tactics and strategies which can be implemented to help improve the university digital journey.

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