Paving the way to multimodal transportation services

Megatrends in Transport: Revolutions ahead

The last 100 years have brought multiple innovations to the transport industry. Each day, a billion people take a car, bus or subway, around 11 million passengers fly and nearly 200 million parcels are delivered. But major changes are on the way. Everywhere, new entrants are challenging existing transport practices.

At a time when many assumptions of the past are challenged, incumbent transport providers must react if they do not want to be outpaced. While this evolution can be a threat, it can also offer extraordinary opportunities to thrive and create new avenues for growth.

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Global air traffic will double in the next 20 years


will be spent on intelligent transport in 2024


has been invested in smart mobility in the last 8 years
$ = USD


2bn vehicles will be circulating in 2050, 50% of them autonomous

Transportation is undergoing major disruption. To succeed, established players will not only need to fight their traditional competitors but also adapt to fast-changing ecosystems, repositioning themselves in customer-centric, multimodal value chains.

Theo Quick,

Vice President, Transportation & Hospitality, Atos

Four transformation challenges and opportunities for the future of Transport

Rethink the 360° experience
for passengers & customers

Guaranteeing a 360° passenger and freight owner experience is a critical challenge for transport providers striving to compete in the digital era. What’s at stake is not just customer satisfaction; in an era of unlimited choice, it’s a matter of survival.

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Boost agility
& streamline costs

While growing demand and harsh competition on price, speed and services constantly increase pressure, real-time and predictive operations optimization is more than a challenge: it’s the prerequisite for competitiveness for transport companies.

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Rethink positioning
in next-generation ecosystems

To avoid being replaced or disintermediated, transport organizations need to precisely define where they want to play in the current changing ecosystems. Indeed, tomorrow’s winners may well be those who choose their battle carefully.

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Guarantee absolute
safety & compliance

The transport industry has always had an obsession: safety. And at a time when most transport means are significantly digitized, new vulnerabilities are appearing. Security and compliance are then not just an essential issue but a vital one. The reward: making trust a business differentiator.

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Take a look at the key technologies that will shape the future of Transport:


Hybrid Cloud is reviving Cloud initiatives by enabling seamless integration of private and public Cloud platforms. With this model, organizations can exploit the benefits of public Cloud: pay per-use, ‘infinite’ bursting resources, agility and innovation. Transport players must adapt their IT processes and prepare for related security implications.


Open Payment and ID-Based Access Platforms reduce the friction passengers experience when they use transport services, enabling these services to evolve toward trusted ‘pay as you go’ models. As many Generation Z people do not own cars and expect to ‘just move,’ legacy ticketing systems are barriers to access and therefore growth. Transports players should consider making new-generation payment and ID-based access platforms a cornerstone of their services.


API Platforms and Open Data allow transport offerings to be distributed and serviced across third parties. Transport players should put API platforms at the heart of their digital strategy to attract ecosystem partners.


Robotic Process Automation brings virtual workforces to manage repetitive tasks, reducing the cost of administrative and regulatory processes by at least 50% while improving quality and speed. Transport players should standardize processes to facilitate automation.


AI & Machine Learning promise to second human cognitive capabilities with virtual assistants, chatbots, knowledge engineering, smart machines and autonomous vehicles. It will impact customer experience, business models and operations along the entire value chain. Transport players must prepare for the business, human and legal impacts.


Blockchain is a potential game-changer for conducting business with parties without prior trust relationships. In transport, it could revolutionize supply chain management, payments, automated contracting and the microservice economy.


Prescriptive Security uses real-time dark web monitoring, AI and automation to detect potential threats and stop them before they strike. Applications range from cyber-protection to fraud management and compliance. Transport players should explore integrating it into their IT/OT Security Operation Centers.


Augmented and Virtual Reality are blurring real and virtual worlds, allowing customers, partners and employees to engage with digital services within the context of their current environment. Transport players should explore potential use cases in maintenance, sales, service gamification, virtual or physical stores and infotainment.


Autonomous Vehicles have the potential to disrupt the industry as we know it. Beyond driving assistance, driverless vehicles could ultimately provide completely new forms of passenger mobility or automated freight transportation and platooning. Technological, business and legal implications are huge and must be explored now.


Quantum Computing promises to break traditional combinatory analysis limitations, bringing advances in High- Performance Computing for vehicle design and manufacturing. It will also elevate risk by potentially breaking current cryptographic standards. Transport players must start preparing for both Quantum computing and quantum-safe cryptography.

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