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With multiple changes converging at once, C-level executives and decision-makers must steer their organizations forward.

Faced with a rapidly digitalizing world, the questions you must be asking is not ‘Why change?’ but ‘Which direction?’ and ‘How?’.

In the approaching world, a willingness to think differently, develop collaboratively and move fast will be key. At a time when customers and markets can change in just a blink of an eye and new entrants continuously emerge and try to change the game, perpetual testing, learning and improvement will be essential to thrive. Along the road, three key steps will be essential:

3 steps to success

As the digital revolution accelerates, the future becomes uncharted. What’s at stake: organize your own disruption before being disrupted by competitors.

1. Know where to go: Design your digital strategy

In a hyperconnected world, you will have to choose where you want to play. Do you want to position as your customer’s primary partner or stay in the utility game? Do you want to create your own ecosystem or join another one?

2. Build your intelligent business platform

Along the entire digital transformation journey, pairing the physical and digital worlds will be essential. In the coming data-driven era, powered by the IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud, approaches based on Digital Twins may be the best strategy for differentiation.

3. Breed your new digital and vertical ecosystem

As today’s revolution takes places at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, tomorrow’s revolution may well take place at the intersection of business functions, players and verticals. Ecosystems will be the battlefield for tomorrow.

4 strategic axes

The emergence of new customer-centric business ecosystems

With the collaborative economy, vertical frontiers will blur around customer-centric ecosystems, such as the smart home, precision medicine, multimodal transport, ... These transformations are already clearly visible in multiple industries.

Which fundamental digital challenges, opportunities and best practices are driving each vertical?

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Throughout these phases, an open approach to innovation, such as the Digital Business Continuum approach developed by Atos, will be paramount to success. Developing partnerships, creating or joining a digital consortium vendor or an incubator, launching innovation challenges or hackathons, or even setting up a venture capital fund may help. Open innovation labs will provide an ideal environment for bringing new ideas and new concepts to life.

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