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As digital transformation accelerates across all verticals, today’s decision-makers face a strategic question: how to survive and thrive in a fast-changing, unpredictable business environment?

The challenge: evolve in unchartered territories where customers, competitors and business models themselves evolve at the speed of light within complex, multi-player ecosystems across all industries.

In the face of billions of customers and objects evolving in each instant, how do you adapt, no longer in a reactive but instead in a predictive or even prescriptive way? Data intelligence technologies will become essential as companies face four core transformation challenges:

4 Transformation challenges

As online and digital worlds blur, data-driven automation becomes a necessity across all functions. Leveraging the latest data intelligence and AI solutions will be key to success.

customer experience

Conversational interfaces – such as chatbots, virtual assistants, robo-advisors, smart objects, … – will enable you to serve customer and employees better, faster and in a more personalized way along their entire journey.

operational experience

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and expert systems for predictive maintenance, process optimization, shop floor 4.0 and more promise, much more than a step change in productivity: they promise a dramatic leap forward in agility.

new business models

Everywhere, smart machines and automated systems for new logistics and mobility services, personalized offerings, outcome-based services, … will significantly transform business models and open avenues for new monetization streams.

trust and compliance

With prescriptive cybersecurity and compliance solutions, intelligent defense, mission-critical systems, … it will be no longer enough just to fight threats: it will be possible to prevent them before they strike.

3 core principles

To embrace the challenges of a digital world and take a winning position within it, information systems must make a quantum leap to intelligent business platforms:

  • Become customer experience-centric, ensuring 360°, seamless engagement across all digital and physical touchpoints.
  • Provide intelligent data-driven orchestration to be able to adapt to market changes in a real-time, prescriptive way.
  • Adopt open platform foundations and real-time process automation to deliver the best products and services at the lowest cost.

Modernizing legacy and fully embracing the latest Cloud, automation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and mobile technologies is only the start of the journey. More disruptive technologies will turn out to be transformational in the years to come:

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