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With digital, we are entering a world of paradox, marked not only by extraordinary growth prospects but also significant challenges.

In all domains, the rapid adoption of exponential ‘data-intelligence’ technologies – such as machine learning, robotization, automation and machine-human interaction – is profoundly transforming business ecosystems, creating Schumpeterian earthquakes.

After having revolutionized operations and then customers’ relations, digital is now coming of age, transforming business models themselves. With mobile and the Internet of Things, data has become the lifeblood of business. In this environment, three digital megatrends will profoundly change our society and business in the future:

3 strategic megatrends

While at least 45% of Fortune 500 enterprises were displaced each decade ever since the 80s, it is projected that 80% of leaders from all segments may be disrupted in the next ten years.

1. The whole world becomes the computer

This will surround customers and employees with immersive user experiences. From wearables to smart cars, smart homes, smart shops and smart factories, digital is pairing with and invading the physical world.

2. Intelligence comes down to machines

After a long R&D winter, new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly rising to manage and derive value from the exponentially growing flows of data. This will dramatically augment human and business capabilities.

3. Infrastructure becomes a commodity

Thanks to the internet, all infrastructures can now easily be shared or outsourced ‘as-a-service’, in a centralized or peer to peer manner. Whichever the industry, everything moves into the cloud – from data to applications and services.

12 business signals

In this fast-changing world, organizations must cope with new challenges but also with new opportunities. To succeed, they will have to take 12 business signals into account.

We enter an age of customer-centricity

  • Generation Y and Z reinvent customer behaviors
  • B2Me is the future of B2C
  • Intelligent assistants become autonomous

Competitors come from unexpected places

  • Products become services
  • Mega-platforms attract ecosystems
  • Vertical frontiers blur

Industry 4.0 changes the operations game

  • The gig economy replaces Taylorism
  • Enterprises become liquid
  • Robo-sourcing will revolutionize work

Trust is no longer what it used to be

  • Cyber is the new battlefield
  • Info wars are on the rise
  • Transparency is the new (monetized) ethic

How do you leverage all these opportunities in an increasingly data-driven world? Designing, building and operating intelligent business platforms will be paramount for success. Explore the technologies set to accelerate your business tomorrow.