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Horizon scanning for a more resilient digital journey

Together, Patrick Adiba, Atos’ Chief Commercial Officer and Philippe Vannier, Group Advisor for Technology, introduce the philosophy behind Ascent Look Out: Why horizon scanning is a critical element of your digital journey, how megatrends are driving transformation challenges in your markets and how technologies are enabling the novel opportunities and addressing the new threats raised by these challenges.

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Key Transformation Challenges

No matter how big or how small, how young or how well-established, every business and every government organization is facing four key transformation challenges, whatever its industry sector and geography. Ascent Look Out will help you recognize, understand and address the new opportunities and novel threats brought by each of these key transformation challenges. We begin by introducing Customer Experience, Business Reinvention, Operational Excellence and Trust and Compliance.

Customer Experience

Daniel Cohen
Head of Financial Services & Insurance

Today’s connected individuals want their financial services to be not only personalized, seamless, consistent and trusted across all channels; they also expect them to be intelligent, contextual and able to anticipate their needs within their digital financial ecosystem.

Business Reinvention

Bruno Fabre
Head of Telcos, Media & Utilities

Today’s evolutions need more open and more agile partnerships from utilities’ multi-sided business models around electric vehicles in smarter cities and Telcos helping banks and retailers deliver an omni-channel experience to media and utility consumers becoming providers.

Operational Excellence

Philippe Miltin
Head of Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation

With companies under pressure to cut cost and deliver highly tailored products and services, the connected factory – where sensors embedded in every machine are connected to the plant’s Internet of thing – allows management to rapidly react to changing customer demands.

Trust & Compliance

Thierry Siouffi
Head of Public & Health

As our growing reliance on data and increased connectivity brings new threats to our privacy, infrastructure and data, together advanced analytics and high performance computing are helping defense and security agencies foresee, understand and prevent attacks.