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Market Views

Aerospace Connected aircrafts, enriched in-flight experience, increasingly erratic production cycles, growing reliance on data… why the aerospace industry needs to respond to all forces of change
Automotive How vehicle & equipment makers and partners will unlock the full potential of the unique intelligence gleaned from customers, dealerships and - one day autonomous – connected vehicles
Banking Omni-channel and other innovations, including a digital bank ecosystem: How banks are responding to the agile new entrants that threaten their market share
Chemicals The future begins now ! Why some chemical companies are establishing themselves as a brand for the end consumer
Cities How Smart Cities will transform the city into a digital platform to enable new multi-sided business models, empower city governments and optimize city resources
Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer Packaged Goods How CPG companies leverage new insights to serve the consumer in a more personalized manner while learning more about their desires
Defense Faced with fast-changing asymmetrical threats, and rapidly changing environments, learn how to master the information flow for strategic and tactical advantage
Discrete Manufacturing
Discrete Manufacturing Smart machines, smart products, assisted operators… how to connect machines, data, people and processes to deliver the next generation of Manufacturing
Education Blended learning, global classrooms and increased competition: why schools must harness today’s new IT environment
Government How government bodies can make best use of the growing volumes of citizen data to deliver innovative yet cost-effective, citizen-centric services
Healthcare How digital transformation will enable healthcare organizations to do more with less by empowering the patient in a model tailored to their individual needs
Homeland Security
Homeland Security To deliver, security organizations need to be able to guarantee the availability, reliability and stability of their services and the technology that supports them
Insurance How increasing connectivity and growing data volumes will empower the Insurance in a world where customers are more informed than ever before
Media Customer relationships are one of the keys to success in today's fragmented digital media environment – where companies must find new ways of monetizing their content
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas How Oil & Gas companies can turn their growing volumes of data into actionable insight to win business in a very complex, competitive and volatile landscape
Pharmaceuticals New ways for pharmaceuticals to accelerate new product development and transform from drug manufacturers into patient-centric organizations
Retail Looking for new ways to engage customers in a more personalized and meaningful way instore and online, leveraging data capital to re-invent the customer experience
Telco How Telcos can create new business openings and novel go-to-market modes in an increasingly connected world where over-the-top providers threaten their market share
Travel, Transport & Hospitality
Travel, Transport & Hospitality Why delivering information that is timely, accurate, easy-to-understand and personalized will be crucial for the travel, transport & hospitality sector
Utilities With smart grid and its multitude of smart devices revolutionizing the data available, utilities will have better insight into the way customers behave, consume and produce energy