Journey 2022
Future vision

The key

Successfully navigating digital transformations demands a business strategy that recognizes and responds to complex and changing underlying tensions.

Executive summary

The relentless evolution of opportunities and challenges presented by digital technologies, brings a corresponding business imperative for continuous digital transformation. But, the waves of disruptive change and the accompanying divergent choices they often present, can introduce unanticipated complications and uncertainties. We describe these as Digital Dilemmas. Businesses that understand these dilemmas and take appropriate actions to resolve them will be the ones that flourish on the journey to 2022.

The digital world and physical world are becoming increasingly interconnected and entangled. Ways of consuming and interacting with digital are changing, through technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, augmented reality and human-machine interfaces – they are already raising questions that strike at the very heart of what it means to “be human” at both an individual and societal level.

Mastering the balance of real-world / digital-world tensions will support businesses in the successful resolution of their digital transformation dilemmas.

Key takeaways for business leaders

  • Consider how your corporate culture and values are reflected in the products and services you develop and market – embody this thinking in a new paradigm of “Corporate Digital Responsibility”;
  • Establish collaborative business platform ecosystems that bring meaningful and trusted exchanges of insight and value;
  • Explore new ways of working and employment – especially ones that encourage flexibility of workforces and provide opportunities to develop and exercise new skills;
  • Implement adaptive business strategies to respond to, and influence uncertainty;
  • Consider a “Digital Business Continuum” approach to avoid inertia from legacy operations which can act as a constraint to future opportunities;
  • Invest effort in business process algorithm development and be ready for the coming quantum computing revolution;
  • Embrace robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, while respecting the culture, experience and expertise of your workforce;
  • Exploit advances in Human machines interfaces to facilitate greater levels of accessibility and workforce diversity.
Key takeaways for business leaders