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Wholesale food comes out of the store and into the kitchen

Worldline’s innovative Connected Kitchen service enables customers to upload their shopping lists to supermarket websites using a fridge magnet, WiFi and a barcode scanner. Wholesale giant Metro Cash & Carry is now testing the service in France to see how Connected Kitchen can help it understand its customers better and be present in the right place at the right time.

About Metro

Metro is the world’s fifth largest retailer, with annual sales of over €60 billion. Of its four business lines, the largest is Metro Cash & Carry, with global sales of more than €30 billion to independent professionals.

Worldline’s Connected Kitchen

Worldline’s Connected Kitchen

The need: In today’s ultracompetitive marketplace, it is more important than ever before to understand a customer’s needs and to provide them with a high value service that keeps them loyal.

The solution: Using a WiFi connected fridge magnet and barcode scanner, Worldline’s Connected Kitchen service puts food retailers and wholesalers inside their customers’ homes. It enables clients to add products to their shopping list in real time.

The benefit: Connected Kitchen is simple, fast and effective. As well as saving time and adding value for consumers and small food businesses, it helps distributor grow their sales and increase the loyalty of their customers.

What our client says

Pascal Peltier

Pascal Peltier,

Director of Marketing and Communications, Metro Cash & Carry France

 Metro and Worldline share the same values and the same strategy of putting innovation to work in the service of our clients. 

Read Pascal Peltier’s full interview

What we have realized for Metro

number 1
Creating efficiencies for customers, who can upload their shopping lists in advance of their visit, and remind them about essential products they may have forgotten.
number 2
Using digital technologies to facilitate one-to-one relationships between Metro and each of its customers. Metro can deliver greater value through a better understanding and knowledge of its customers’ needs.
number 3
Engaging customers in an innovative way.
number 4
Increasing the loyalty of Metro’s customers through data mining technologies which record the buying behaviors of Metro’s individual clients so that Metro can develop targeted product offers.
number 5
Increasing sales growth through the development of next generation technology, such as a geo-positioning service, to send targeted offers to clients when they are in store.
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