Operational Excellence

DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals and Atos: a shared vision

Through its provision of IT services and infrastructure for DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals (DSP), Atos is helping DSP reach a new level of operational excellence in an increasingly competitive market, cutting costs and enhancing DSP’s overall performance.

About DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals

DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals (DSP) is the inventor of industrial enzymatically produced green beta-lactam antibiotics and next generation statins. Roughly 2,000 employees worldwide work together to deliver cutting-edge generics solutions that help to keep customers ahead of the competition. Headquartered in Singapore, the group has operations in China, India, Egypt, the Netherlands, Spain, the US and Mexico and remains the only FDA-approved penicillin producer in the Western World.

IT partnership approach

IT partnership approach

The need: When the DSP joint venture was established in 2011 between the Dutch company DSM and China’s Sinochem, it looked for a long-term partner, a single service provider who could help implement a strong and simple IT governance structure and combine global consistency with local responsiveness.

The solution: DSP has entrusted Atos with three key areas of IT responsibility: the IT infrastructure, the SAP environment and the non-SAP environment. These have become the operational and communications foundation of the new company.

The benefit: Working together, Atos and DSP have enabled global delivery of the new IT services environment on time and within budget, with high levels of satisfaction from end users and a commitment to continuous review and improvement.

What our client says

Robert jan van der Horst

Robert Jan van der Horst,

Chief Information Officer, DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals

 Thanks to Atos, we now have an excellent network in place that is hosted in the Netherlands and performs very well in countries as far away as China and Mexico. 

Read Robert Jan van der Horst’s full interview

What we have realized for DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals

number 1
Providing end-to-end service, set up and delivery of a new single global IT infrastructure.
number 2
Deploying the IT system worldwide across 4 regional business units, as well as production and sales facilities all around the world.
number 3
Improving DSP’s processes through the implementation of SAP to cover the core business processes running across the company.
number 4
Establishing a Cloud-based, non-SAP environment through Atos Adaptive Workplace.
number 5
Ensuring enterprise-wide security and data management.
number 6
Providing consistent global support to assure the excellence and efficiency of DSP’s businesses and operations.
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