Using our next generation IT to respond to the environmental challenge

Interview with Eric Grall & Philippe Vannier

Eric Grall

Eric Grall,

Head of Global Managed Services, Atos

Atos is pursuing its objective to drive energy efficiency and capacity in its operations to meet its carbon neutral ambition. Our high performance computing, virtualization and cloud technologies are leading to significant reductions in energy consumption.

Philippe Vannier

Philippe Vannier,

Head of Big Data and Security, Group Chief Technology Officer, Atos

We expect that in 2020 our supercomputers will be 250 times more energy efficient than in 2010.

Key Figures

tCO2 M€ revenue Global footprint by revenue

GJ per Million EUR : Energy intensity by revenue

Number of sites certified ISO 14001 aiming for 100% of major sites certified by 2015

Our energy transition targets

Our energy transition targets

Carbon: reduce by 50% the ratio of ton of CO2 / million € revenue (2012-2015)
Atos is currently on track to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations by 50% by the end of 2015 compared to 2012 baseline. We decreased the ratio from 31,6 TCO2 eq/M€ revenue in 2012 to 17,03 in 2014 representing a 46,1% drop within 2 years.

Decarbonized electricity: seek to consume 100% decarbonized electricity in our strategic datacenters by 2015.
66% of the electricity bought by Atos datacenters (scope 2) is supplied by decarbonized sources. Similarly, 58% of the electricity bought by Atos offices (scope 2) is nearly carbon free. 100% of Atos residual datacenter emissions are offset, providing carbon neutral services.

Environment management system and ISO 14001 certification: at all major Atos sites by end 2015
Atos has increased the number of sites to be certified according to ISO 14001 by 2015 from 102 to 110, of which 30% are datacenters and 70% are offices. By the end of 2014, 65 sites were certified and 17 were undergoing the process of certification. The 28 remaining sites will start certification in 2015.

A pioneer in carbon reduction

The most significant environmental impact resulting from Atos’ business operations arises from the consumption of energy and thereby the direct or indirect emission carbon into the atmosphere. To reduce energy consumption Atos is focusing its attention on its major emissions sources – data centers, offices and travel.

CO2 emissions from our datacenters have been reduced considerably over the past few years through actions such as consolidation of sites, improving power usage effectiveness, developing decarbonized energy and virtualization solutions to increase IT equipment usage. At the same time, we are using innovation as a means to achieve our carbon neutral goal. Atos will also benefit from the innovative cooling technologies developed by Bull for high performance computers in datacenters which are around 40% more energy efficient than traditional air-cooled servers.

As part of our Smart Campus concept, our smart desktops with voice and data sharing capabilities are playing a role in eliminating the need for travel, and our blueKiwi platform allows for remote collaboration with colleagues around the world. Our global travel policy takes part to the environmental efforts promoting the use of low carbon transport options.

How we create new standards in energy efficiency

How we create new standards in energy efficiency
Atos’ latest state-of-the-art data center in the UK will open in 2015. The new data center in Longbridge, near to Birmingham has the strongest energy efficiency features of all Atos data centers globally, and will be one of the most efficient enterprise-type data centers in the world.
The main sustainable feature of the new data center is its air-to-air cooling system which involves heat exchangers to use cool outside air to bring down the temperatures in the data rooms. It removes the need for water coolers which are traditionally used in many data centers, and which use large quantities of electricity to cool the water.

Atos recognized as a global carbon leader by CDP

Atos’ determined efforts over the past few years to reduce its environmental footprint have led to progressive reductions in CO2 emissions. Each year, the results are independently verified by an external third party. Based on its strong carbon performance, Atos has been ranked for the second year as a global carbon leader in the IT sector by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

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