Actions that underline how much we value our people

Interview with Philippe Mareine

Philippe Mareine,

Head of Group Human Resources, Global Siemens Alliance, Atos

We are an increasingly diverse company. Following the acquisition of Bull and the agreement to acquire the Xerox ITO business, we are present in more than 70 countries.

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Key Figures

Average hours of training that employees have undertaken during the year

Percentage of positive responses to «Taking everyting into account, I would say this is a great place to work»

Percentage of female within the board of directors

Nurturing our talents

The Wellbeing@work program includes a full set of initiatives to improve our employees’ work environment through the use of social innovation and collaboration. The program has successfully raised the Atos attractiveness for the Generation Y by adapting the workplace to latest digital trends including social media, Bring Your Own Device initiative, and remote working. We also invest continuously in upgrading our physical work environment to make it more appealing to our people emerging talent, creating workplaces which encourage collaboration, open innovation and team building. Our ambition is to become a motivating and inspiring place to work for the brightest minds.

Spotting young talent
Irina Polubabkina, Business Intelligence Consultant, Atos

Upskilling for the new IT era

Our clients’ needs are evolving with increasing requests for global delivery centers offshore and nearshore, run by international teams of our business technologists. At the same time, our industry is moving very fast as we embrace the new digital era of IT where we can offer our customers solutions using a Cloud environment, data analytics and cyber security. To respond to these changes, we are investing proactively in providing our people with training and new skills that will meet our customers’ requirements.

Learning & development is critical for Atos to ensure its workforce is constantly growing skills and meeting short and long term business needs. Through our global Learning & Development practice and the Atos University we have created a vast catalogue with more than 10,000 online courses available with free access for all Atos’ employees. As a result, the share of e-learning increased up to more than 300,000 hours in 2014, out of 1.3 million hours in total.

For example; a mandatory training program in workplace transformation was beneficial to Atos managers who were able to play key roles to support the change management process. In 2014, a pilot session was run with managers from Bull to adapt the program for these new joiners and help create one single community of managers across Atos. In 2015, training sessions for all ex-Bull managers have been planned in all geographies for the first half of the year, training them in the distinct Atos leadership model and ensuring a common management culture that is focused on workplace transformation through collaboration across the company.

The power of social collaboration

Atos has used its successful experience of previous large transactions to integrate more than 9,000 Bull employees into the organization and create a European global leader in Cloud, cybersecurity, and Big Data.

Atos’ innovative approach to social collaboration proved to be a major catalyst for integration. In September 2014, a global open online community for integration was established, and in October all Bull managers were trained in social media at Atos.

Country leaders used the online platform to host chats with all employees (Bull and Atos) to answer questions and clarify the way forward. Experts from Bull joined existing expert communities in areas such as Cloud, security, Big Data and innovation, and new communities were established to create dialogue and support around advanced Bull technologies. Bull employees are now playing an active part in these communities.

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