How we create and share value with our stakeholders

Atos’ corporate social responsibility process is supported by ongoing dialog with all stakeholders

CSR impacts on Atos’value creation model:
  • Develop long term relationships with investors
  • Disclose publicly sustainability KPIs
  • Help evaluation on stock markets better integrate non-financial and long-term factors.

CSR impacts on Atos’value creation model:
  • Accelerate leadership
  • Develop market shares
  • Build competitive advantages
  • Power innovation’s mindset and capabilities.

CSR impacts on Atos’value creation model:
  • Limit or compensate environmental costs’
  • Generate sustainable profits on operations to support long-term innovation
  • Have a positive and long-term impact on local economies
  • Power social progress and digital inclusion.

CSR impacts on Atos’value creation model:
  • Generate Employees’ satisfaction
  • Develop knowledge and skills
  • Focus on Talent management
  • Encourage social collaboration
  • Instill Atos culture.

CSR impacts on Atos’value creation model:
  • Guarantee high quality of services
  • Maintain mutual trust with our business partners
  • Create synergies within Atos’ ecosystem
  • Minimize risks within the supply chain.
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